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WOW! What a day!

It was SOOOOOOOOOO nice! Drove over to Burnley this morning after taking Yorkie to work, had hours of gossip with mum, and tried to show her this blog so she could see the dress I want, but her very old, very knackered pc wouldn't let us onto the net so I couldn't show her. Still, she's coming over soon so I can show her then.

We went into town about mid afternoon and started to tour the dress shops, that in it self was a laugh! There are three in Burnley that mum knows about. The first one was full of rubber willies and red devil horns so we scarpered sharpish out of there. Not the kind of place a mother and daughter should be! The second dress shop is closed on Mondays.... go figure, and finally there's Pronuptia. Ahhhh Pronuptia! SO very very nice!

Once I had managed to explain exactly what it is I am looking for we were presented with a range of dresses. Suprisingly they didn't have much in the way of green. Just one all over sage number which was very pretty but no where near what I am looking for. However, they did say that if I found a white or ivory dress that I liked I could have green beading added to it, and a green jacket made so that'll be ok.

In the end I tried on 4 dresses. 3 of them were the A Line I wanted, and one wasn't. And trust me, A Line is the way I am going! The other dress was bodiced with a flared skirt and I look HORRIBLE in it! Really nasty! So that one came right off again!

Of the three A Line dresses, this is the one I liked the best. It's called "Sunshine", there was also "Honey" which was great appart from this huge flower thing on the hip - which I would have removed. Sadly I cannot find a photo of that dress, but it was "Sunshine" that i liked best anyway.

This photo does it no justice at all! What you can't see is the a-symetrical detail around the model's mid-section. It's very flattering and very slimming. There are also small pearls and diamontees sewn into the sweeping folds of the fabric, just enough to notice and sparkle in the right light without looking like an expolsion in a glitter factory!

I am starting to believe that I will be ok with a strapless dress after all. They are so wonderfully boned that a fitted dress will be like wearing a highly structured second skin, if you know what I mean, and I have confidence that I will be ok with a strapless dress and a small jacket to cover my shoulder tattoo during the photos and service.

Put it this way, if I am not happy with the way next Sunday turns out, I know what dress 'll be buying!


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