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Periods and butt-lumps!

Went to the docs this morning to get back onto the pill, and to sort out a "problem with my bum". I got there a couple of mins late because the parking in Lancaster is SO bad that I had to drive round the carparks twice before I could find a space! Once I got into the Docs there was a que at reception, so by the time I got to the desk I was about 10 mins late. As I was waiting my doc dashed past and into another docs room..... I didn't think too much about it other than "oh, I'm late, but he's clearly busy anyway so I would have been waiting regardless". I went up to the waiting room and was sat there for three quaters of an hour! Feeling a little paraonoid I thought this was unfair punishment for being a few mins late. he hadn't come past me so I knew I hadn't just been bumped down the list as he wasn't treating any of his other paitents either.

Eventully he did come darting up the stairs and into his room where he called me promptly. It seems there had been some very serious problem / difficulty with another paitent which had required most of the doctors to be present..... Worrying.... And then I felt guilt for tapping my foot in the waiting room too.

So I explained that I had been off the Depo jab for a few weeks now, and that I wanted to go onto the pill as whn we get married next year we want to start a family and blah blah blah... Which he was great about ( I would like to point out that my Doc is BRILLIANT!). He told me all about folic acid and so on, and took a (huge) sample of my blood to test my amunity to German Measels and Rubella and such.

Then I told him about my "problem with my bum", you see in the last couple of months or so I have noticed a fleshy something on the edge of my bumhole (sorry to be grim) and its been worrying me as nothing I applied to it has made it any smaller, or drop off, or ANYTHING. So I had to drop my kecks and lie on the table while he took a look. Very embarasing!

Turns out that it is a Fisher Centinal Flesh Tag (spelling?). Basically, at some point I have split the skin round my bum, and this skin tag has grown to "protect" it from happening again, which it might if I ever let myself get constipated. I could have it removed, but due to "it's location" it would only get infectd and get worse... So I have to leave it as it is! URGH!

But let's face it (or not...) who is ever going to see it? It's not a part of your body you tend to show people, right? Even Yorkie didn't know about it until I pointed it out (well, I had to know what it looked like so I could get an idea of what it was and how to treat it!!!! And if you can't ask your hubby, who can you ask?)

OK, thats it. Grim stuff over for one day. You don't really need to know about my menstral cycle and bum-tags do you?


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