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Glad not to be single!

So I went out the other saturday with Debbie, Marie and Debbie's friend Helen. Debbie and Marie are both "single and looking", Helen is attached but I've never met her before. As Yorkie was going out with Ray for the night I thought calling Ray's missus Sarah and asking her to come out with me would be a good idea! Apart from the fact that I want to get to know Sarah a little better as she is the one from the "wives and girlfriends" I know least well, I wanted to have some one else to talk to who wasn't on the pull and who I knew!

Luckily she said she's come, and we got on pretty well all night so that was a winner.

And I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad she came! Being out with single people on the pull when you are really not interested in pulling is a challenge! Because they are giving off "on the pull" vibes, we all get hit on.

And what a cracker I pulled!!! I got chatted up by some guy who sells tracktors online..... Whoopie. I kept flashing my diamond, and he didn't care, I tried to pass him on to Debs (sorry hun) saying he might get a sale out of her she works at the garden centre. She took that suggestion as you might imagin.....

Also got chatted up by a Suggs look-a-like, who I did successfully pass on to Marie, in fact by the end of the night they were sucking each others faces off and swopped numbers. (although I found out a couple of days later that she had binned him because he said he wanted to "give it her up the bum")

Around midnight Debs and crew departed as they live out of town and wanted cheap taxis, me and Sarah went back to the Bobbin to see if the boys where there. They weren't, but Oz was in with a couple of his mates so we sat with them and had a natter with them.

At some point Rik turned up an annouced that we had turned 40 the day before, and got all emotional at me (again, bless). we had a good long natter and he went on and on about how lucky Yorkie was to be marrying me (what a sweety).

Mark and Ray turned up and joined us as Oz's mated took off, Yorkie was bimbling around some where in the Bobbin pissed up so i left him too it, until kicking out time. Which is when by Beloved did a vanishing act. Me and Mark found him out side having a "conversation" with some couple, and he told us to "feck off, I'm talking" (Charming) so the two of us went for some food and left him to it. Mark was telling me some of his worries about being best man and such, and muttered something about Yorkie being in an odd mood all night. He seemed to think that Yorkie was being pushed into marriage.... or at least, that's the impression he gave me. Could be wrong, could be paranoid, but that's how it seemed. Yorkie insists that it is what he wants, so that's enough for me.

But that said Yorkie WAS in a funny mood.... he was no where to b seen when we got back to the Bobbin so me and Mark went our separate ways and I headed for home. I felt like a walk and got home late. When I did Yorkie was already in and gave me a bollocking for disapearing on him and not answering my phone (makes a change, it's usually the oterh way round), but in my defence he had told me to feck off, and I simply hadn't heard my phone as i was pissed up and it was burried in the bottom of my bag. Not in any mood for a fight I left him too it and slept on the foton as he had taken over the entire bed. Needless to say he recalled none of it the day after, and was mortified when I told him what he had said etc the day after (such as implying I was having an illicit afair with Mark!).

He's sworn himself off cider as that's what he's drinking when he "goes off on one", but I'll believe that when I see it.

My conclusion of the night as thus: OK, so my feller might turn into "Wanker of the Year" when he's on Cider, but after seeing what's out there in singledom I KNOW for a FACT that there is no one in the world who I could love more, or who could entertain me SO MUCH! Oh, and hang over / make up sex is the best!


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