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Towneley Wedding Fair #2

Hee hee hee.... I guess I was a little cruel really. On Sunday we went to the wedding fair over at Towneley Hall. Mum had asked me to go ages ago, and had asked me to bring Yorkie. I had invited Jacquie too. But of cause the night before I had held my first Ann Summers party, and kicked Yorkie out for the night.

He had come home at 4.30 am, pissed out of his skull and randy as hell, so we didn't actually get to sleep until day break. Because we were meeting Jacquie at my mothers at 10am, we had to set off from my house no later than 9, I set the alarm for 7..... we got out of bed at 8.30 (he was horny again, what can I say?). We got to my mum's at 10.30 and poor jacs had been sat out side in her car for ages... she's arrived early (oops!)

Yorkie - bless his cotton socks - was still rat-arsed! And we'd missed breakfast so I took us into town for a Mc Donalds A) to make up to Jacquie for being so late, and B) to shut Yorkie up for a bit. The later didn't work! he was rambling and grumbling and generally being freaky all day. I swear that Jacs has never seen Yorkie when we was either not drunk or not hung over.... I dread to think what she thinks of him! LOL

Once we got to Towneley mum and her mate / co-worker Richard pounced on us, Richard being his usual flamboyant over the top self (Yorkie just grunted, Jacs looked horrified!) so we made a rapid escape into the fair. It soon became clear that bringing Yorkie was a waist of time.... every time i asked his opion on anything he just shrugged, looked at me with big bleery eyes and said "i-un-ow" which means "I don't know", which really means "please stop asking me, my brain is Jelly!"

Holland Hair

We saw some nice stuff though. Jac's has taken a leaflet from some people who had some lovely little bridesmaid / flowergirl dresses, and I have become smitten with some balloon arrangements that I saw. I spoke to some of the caterers, including the people who have a restraunt over the cafe which is already part of the Towneley Hall set up. They can do a buffet with hot cavery, veggie options and loads of other good stuff so we might be plumming for them. Mum seems keen on them anyway, although we do have numbers for the other people too.

There was practically no one there offering entertainment though. Me and Yorkie want a live band, but Mum keep trying to nudge us into having a DJ instead. I really don't want that!! Must make a point of speaking to Jen about bands, since she and her feller Steph know so many. She might be able to help us find a good one, or I could ask Ray and Sarah if they still have the number for the band they had, who were simply GREAT!

After a while of dragging my half dead hubby to be around with us, me and Jacs desided to take back to my mum's and leave him there so we could come back for the fashion show and watch it in peace!

And the fashion show was pretty good too! The first dress they modelled was the dress that Jacquie has ordered for her wedding! The actual same dress! Very impressed! And I have seen the hair I want too! One of the models had long blonde hair, centre parted at the front, pilled up on top with curls, and a few curled locks round the face and down the back. I liked it straight away and it's the kind of thing I have been thinking about, but didn't think I could pull it off with a veil and tiara.... and then she came out with a veil and tiara! And it looked GREAT!!!! Really really great! So that's what I want!

These are the sort of things I am thinking about, but i have to say I like this last one best... it's simple and romantic looking, and my hair is long enough to carry it off! i just almost SIT on it now!


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