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Jacs & Leigh

Made the mistake of not taking my camera today. Really should have done, Mia and Caitlin are getting more beautiful every time I see them!

Had a lovely day with Jacquie. I got there late, partly because after dropping Yorkie at work I had to go home again because I had forgotten Jacquie's Ann Summers order, and partly because once I got to Warrington I got lost - again. It's somethingof a tradition now, but at least I only took a wrong turn TWICE this time, I think I'll get it right next time, lol!

It started off being a beautiful day, sun shinning and all that, so we walked into town with Mia in the pram and enjoyed the sun. Naturally, I got burned. Don't I always! After a quick look round town we meet up with a work friend of Jac's called Leigh who is coming to the Bon Jovi concert with us next month. She seems really nice and we got on pretty well, even managed to avoid those awkward silences when Jacs wasn't with us.

We had lunch at a Weatherspoons (which was piss poor really, but cheap enough)... and then the thunder storm stared! With Jacquie and Leigh is summery flowing clothes, and me in a vest top. Oops! Still, despite the fact that the rain was VERY hard and VERY wet (not that missle stuff that just gets you damp, PROPER rain!) we had a laugh and managed to get round a few of the shops. I've bought some shoes that look like they've been knitted! So horrible that they were BRILLAINT and only 3 pounds too! Then we ducked into a wedding dress shop and had a look at some bridesmaid dresses for the girls and me to wear at Jacs wedding. I tried on one dress which was STUNNING, but at £220 is would have to be! We're going to keep looking!

As it was still chucking it down we got the bus back to Jacquies house and browed the web together until David came home with Caitlin, and we went out for lunch to the local brewers fair (Much better grub than the weatherspoons, lol). Caitlin came in my car with me and nattered none stop there and back, but you godda love her! She went through all the CDs I have in the car and choose one to play... she choose Sissor Sisters! Very impressed! And she sang along. Wouldn't have thought it was something a 6 year old would have been into! But there you go, it's down to the good upbringing you know, hee hee hee.

I was pretty gutted when it came to saying good bye again, but I am SO far behind with my work this week already that I just didn't dare stay the night. Plus I still need to keep an eye on my wayward feller, who seems incapable of feeding him self if I'm not there to cook for him (although that said he had actually grilled himself some basic food by the time I got in, bless!)

Probably be a bit quiet fora few days now, having work pile up, and next to no money to show for what I have done it getting me down a bit, so I'm going to get some hard work done, and get some sleep and see if I can clear my head. The excess amount of booze in my system probably isn't helpping matters either so crawling into my shell for a bit should do me good.

Laters people!


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