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Winge... A pain in the ear and a pain in the arse!

I am in SO much pain! It's just typical for me that while I was totally deaf in my left ear I wasn't feeling any pain in it. Now that I have partical hearing I also have the most unbearable pain... it's constant, throbbing, aching, and reaching all the way down the left side of my face!

I am living off my anti-biotics (just one left!), nasal spray and nurofen! I got NO sleep last night because of the pain and I am generally feeling grotty.

But life goes on, the good and the bad.

Had a spat with Yorkie early in the week. He got a cob on because I agreed to let me dad come round on one of Yorkie's days off. He reckons I hadn't "run it by him" when I clearly had 2 days earlier. It's not my fault he only ever half listens when I talk and is incapable of making a desision. Apparently it was "wrong" of me to make plans on his day off - which according to him I do all the time. When I asked him when I did this, he had to go back WEEKS to the weekend where two of our friends and birthdays and I'd thrown my second Ann Summers party (which I am only doing since he made a remark about me not bringing in enough money!) And when I asked extacly what he's wanted to do on said day off he stumbled again. The fact that in this particular stretch of time he has four days off, and planned only one thing (well, got ME to plan one thing because sending a text message or picking up a phone is too hard for him), which was not affected an ANY way, left him grumpy and pissy. Like he always is when he realises he's started a fight he can't actually win.

It drives me mad. I know I don't exactly see eye to eye with dad a lot of the time, but he is my dad and I love him. As an only child who wasn't allowed friends my parents are a huge part of my life. Maybe I ambonded to them more than other people. I don't think I'm any different to any other girl about to get married and loose her dad to a forgeien country. I do want to see them and spend time with them. Not all the time, but regularly. Yorkie spends next to no time with his family. I am in contact with his mum more frequently than he is, and he has pretty much nothing to do with his dad. He sees his family no more than 2 or 3 times a year at the most. Too me that's strange. And to him, me seeing my family every couple of months (not every 5 mins like he threw at me) is equally strange.

So... of his four days off we spend saturday playing on the PS2, sunday playing on the PS2, Tuesday playing on thePS2..... On the Thu my dad came round, took us for a pub lunch and a natter and then left in plenty of time for us to go and spend the evening with Gary, Jill and baby Morgan.

All that said though, we have had a nice time. Dad was on top form on Thursday, and while he made it quite clear that he doesn't know me at all by bringing my floral pattered t-shirts and football stickers, he was very sweet. He has less than three weeks now before he and Fay move to France, and he wanted to spend time with me and Yorkie. After all, he hardly knows the man who is about to marry hisonly child. It's only natural that he would want t be his friend, or at least get to know him.

Yorkie behaved himself. I was still in a bad mood with him. I'd refused to sleep in the same bed as him the night before and not made any of my usual affectionate guestures all day. Before long he was crawling all over me. He will never appologise for being an arse with me over my dad coming over, but that was close enough for me, it makes a change for him to be craving my attentions. it makes a change for me not to offer it freely....

Going round to see Gary and Jill was very nice. I wish we went to see our friends more often. Jill made me laugh when we said she's have the same problem with Gary not wanting to go out but complaining he doesn't see any one. And it's always the fault of the missus! In the same way that Yorkie kicked off for me arranging to see them in the evening (until I explained that Gary would be home then too), Gary had winged at Jill that me and Yorkie would be gone before he came in from work and he'd wanted to see Yorkie. can't organise a piss up in a brewery, that why women have to do it. SO STOP GETTING ALL ARSY ABOUT IT!

They've started to feed Morgan baby rice, and he's loving it. Forget the "one meal of rice a day", he troffed down 4 small servings, two of which while we were there. He's such a happy little chap! And not quite so little any more either, he's growing so quickly!

In what I would like to think was an attempt to appease me, Yorkie suggested that he gave me some extra cash with the bill money the next day so that me and Jill could go for a nice lunch out! We jumped on the chance! I invited Jen along too. For one Jill had a bottle of JD for her to say thank you for the baby clothes, and also I have been meaning to catch up with her and Bobbin lunches on a Friday are somthing the two of us started together and I don't want her to feel pushed out. Not that she's the type to.

It was a good long lunch too. Me and Jill arrived at about 1ish, Jen arrived about 2.30 having sent feller and baby off to her mum's to house sit (she was supposed to go too but her boss made her work). She missed the food, we wanted to order for her so she could eatbut she'd run out of phone credit and couldn't let us know :( Still, she was hapy enough with the JD to take home! Jill had to scoot off home with Morgan about 3.30ish so me and Jen stayed in the bobbin till it was time to pick Yorkie up and I dropped her off on the way.

That's when the ear ache started though. I'd been good in the pub and only had coke so I wouldn't interfere with the meds, but the deafness was back and the pain was building. And again it was too late to get in to see the doctors before the weekend closing - oh, and it's a bank holiday too so I'm screwed.

We are supposed to be going out for Curry tonight. It's Oz's birthday bash (Oops, have I done it again???) which we were invited too about a month ago, if not more. I turned down the afternoons blowing asYorkie is at work, and said we would probably go to the curry tonight. But I'm leaving it up to Yorkie as to weather or not we go. They think we're going... I can take more pain killers and I would like to show off my new red hair (dyed it today), but I don't know if we'll make it or not. I only asked him 5 weeks ago, he's not desided yet! It starts at 8pm, only 3 hours to go!


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