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Having a day off

I've been busy this last few days. I'm feeling better now and I had some stuff to catch up on. I've been working on a new web site for a florest. Here's my demo site for any one who's interested:

DELL finally delivered that PC yesterday too, so I've been swapping the internals around a bit and now I have one supa-dupa work PC (which also happens to play the Sims 2 better than any other PC in the house!!!) and one with just the motherboard and power pack in which I can re-fill and start to use if / when the other one starts to pack up.

What can I say, I drive these machines damn hard! They rearly last more than 2 years (at least, they don't last too long after I let Yorkie take them over. I don't think he ever cleans them up inside and they end up full of dust and grime, over heating and burning out).

So today I am taking a well deserved day off to play Sims 2... Well, the morning off. If more work comes in I'll have to stop playing and do some more work, but for now I plan to have a lazy one.


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Dress Shopping

Yay! Another thing of the list - two things actually because I'm certain I have the right replacement shoes for me too!

Drove down to Mum's this morning, picked her up and drove over to Jacquie's, and from there the three of us and Jac's two daughters headed over to the Trafford Centre.

It turned out to be a really easy shopping trip - and surprisingly quick too!

First off, Debenhams. The first dresses we saw for child bridesmaids looked just about perfect. Little ivory dresses with chiffon type fabric over the skirt and little flowers embroidered on the top. This means that they are the same ivory as my dress, and have some green included too which makes them ideal. And they had Caitlin & Mia's sizes too. The girls tried them on, with co-ordinating shoes, and looked brilliant! We looked at others, but none of them came close so we had them put aside and moved onto the next shop.

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Tom was trying for his first belt which is white. Rory was going for orange, and Jack was going for blue.

As usual parents can't stay to watch, so after dropping the three of them off I went for a wander to get some steps in for my own fitness (and a coffee and mince pie) with Freddie. In the freezing cold and bitter wind of Morecambe in December! Lucky old Hubby and Georgie stayed at home in the warm! Freddie didn't rate it at all - if he wasn't still 100% a boobie baby I wouldn't have dragged him out in it and left him home in the warm too.

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