Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Having a day off

I've been busy this last few days. I'm feeling better now and I had some stuff to catch up on. I've been working on a new web site for a florest. Here's my demo site for any one who's interested:

DELL finally delivered that PC yesterday too, so I've been swapping the internals around a bit and now I have one supa-dupa work PC (which also happens to play the Sims 2 better than any other PC in the house!!!) and one with just the motherboard and power pack in which I can re-fill and start to use if / when the other one starts to pack up.

What can I say, I drive these machines damn hard! They rearly last more than 2 years (at least, they don't last too long after I let Yorkie take them over. I don't think he ever cleans them up inside and they end up full of dust and grime, over heating and burning out).

So today I am taking a well deserved day off to play Sims 2... Well, the morning off. If more work comes in I'll have to stop playing and do some more work, but for now I plan to have a lazy one.
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