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Friday Lunch

Jill cancelled on me yesterday. Can't say I am suprised. She had to go into work as they were short staffed - although her maternity leave isn't quite up yet. But I had a feeling that she wouldn't come for some reason.

I'm feeling distanced from the WAGs just lately. Not sure if I am being over sensitive (the weather is shocking at the moment which always brings me down - especially after the scortcher that was July), or if I have done something to offend them (Not impossible after the hen night - they haven't said anything to me about it, but would they??), or what. I'm feeling a bit miffed about the whole thing - excluded I think. It shouldn't bother me, in all honestly the things they do aren't always my cup of tea - extended shopping trips bore me and I can't afford them, 6 weekly pilgrimages to the hairdressers is also something I am happy to live without (Having not been to a hairdressers in almost 5 years) and expensive lunches and posh wine bars are a bit out of my price range and not my style... But it would be nice to be invided along anyway, and for them not to cancel on me when I try to organise something nice, and most of all, it would be lovely if JUST ONCE me and Yorkie were allowed to baby sit Morgan. After all, Yorkie's supposed to be his Godfather, and I have offered my services as someone who is home most of the time. I get the feeling we are considered (or rather I am) as not being good enough or resposible enough to be trusted.

Jen, however, doesn't let me down or make me feel like a spare part, so I was thrilled that she did still want to come to lunch with me.

We met in the Bobbin - but horror of horrors - they have STOPPED doing food! So we had a drink of coke and a natter and headed off into the ever changing face of Lancaster to see where did still do food.

We tried The Sun, but as they were charging between 5 and 8 pounds for a SANDWITCH we left without even ordering a drink. Then we tried Paddy Muligans (Where me and Jacs used to get the BEST steak standwiches). It's changed hands, changed NAMES and... stopped doing food! So it was back into the Centre and to Fibber McGees. They had a menu up outside, all fairly priced, and a sign on the door which read "No hats, no hoodies, no tracksuits" which basically means "No Chavs, no townies", and with the promise of a chicken kiev for Jen the deal was sealed and in we went!

The Chicken Kievs where sold out. It kind of typified the whole thing but hey. Drinks were bought, food was ordered and consumed and gossip commensed, with a follow up trip to the Castle, where I haven't been to before but which is also under new managment who are trying to built it up as a biker friendly rock and metal venue. Jen and Steff go a bit be all accounts and like it. The former dark Place punters have it book marked anyway so it might well take off soon with a bit of luck: Link (While you're there have a look at the Gallery! Almost everyone I know in town is in there somewhere, although strangley none of Yorkie or myself!)

At about the time Adam (who was at home with dad Steff) would be waking up from his afternoon nap, Jen suddenly got the urge to visit the fun fair which is currenlty set up on Rylands Park just near where she lives (and on the way to Yorkie's work for me) and we thought it'd be nice to take Adam and see if there was anything he could go on - being only one. So I drove us back to Jens, parked up and the three of us and Adam went for a stroll round the fair. It was suprisingly quiet for the last afternnon of the last friday before the end of the summer holidays... Only a handful of kids (All junior chavs too), but at least that meant there was no que for the rides.

I didn't have much time left before I had to go and collect Yorkie, so I minded Adam so Jen and Steff could go on the waltzers together - which for Steff in particular had been a bad idea as they had both been out the night before and all Steff had eaten that day was a double egg butty in the mid morning, and a few bites out of a cheese burger and some over cooked chips from the fair itself. Needless to say, with the attention of two attendents spinning thier car at #5, he was a little worse for wear when they got off! It was a nice sedate choo-choo train raid for all four of us after that!

It was a nice day though. And the weather was good too. Probably the last good day we have this year if today's downpour is anything to go by (Scrubbing out toilets in the pouring ran is only mildly better than doing it in the baking heat. The smell's better, but that's all).

Ironicaly, when I was getting ready for work this morning and charged my phone (which conced out in the pub yesterday), there was a message from Tara inviting everyone to lunch at the White Cross today. It felt great to get the invite, but for one, we can't aford White Cross prices, and secondly, we're both working today. Still, it was lovely to be invited. That's all I'm asking for after all.


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