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Jacquie's Hen Night!

What a brilliant night!!!

I have to say, I was a little sceptical about going to a Take That tribute band night (never was a fan, regarless of my now undying love of the sexy Robbie Williams), but it was really good!

After finishing work on Friday, re-dying my hair, and sitting in monster traffic for AGES I finially got to Jacquie's just in time to miss her as she went to pick Caitlin up from school - typically me. Luckily Dave was in (although naked in the bathroom so I still ended up sat on the door step with my suitcase looking like an over-grown evacuee). There was time for a quick chat while Jacs grabbed her stuff and we went to pick Leigh up down the road and off to the Village Hotel and our room.

Jacquie had arranged for Champagne to be sent to the room at 6pm for the three of us to "sip" while we got ready, but I am impatient and had brought a bottle of Asti for us to start on (for old times sake, me and Jacs used to drink this when we went out for dinner as students). We were supposed to be going down to meet the rest of her 31 guests about 7ish... We arrived about half past, already well tipsy, and headed right for bar!!!

Around 9ish we were ushered into our seats for the meal before the "band" came on, and more wine was ordered to top up the fizz and shots and mixers we'd already consumed, and once we had eaten we returned to bar and started to torment the only two guys who where there who did not seem gay or married. Let's face it, it's a Take That night, any guy there HAD to be either gay, or dragged there by his missus, what where THEY doing there? Apprently they were on the pull. I don't think our laughing at them and Jacs whacking them with her Bride to Be Slap Stick helpped their chances any! Needless to say, when we say them at breakfast the next day, they were still just the two of them!

I have NO IDEA what time it was when the boys who owuld be take that appeared on the stage. 4 of them (NO ROBBIE! BOO!) and very nice to look at they were too! And this is what I liked about them from the start. They did not pretend to BE the TT boys. They just sang and danced along to the tracks. And sang and danced very nicely indeed!

I think it was no coincidence that the stage was of a hight that meant the boys crotches and bums were at the audienes eye level!

We sang (I sort of sang, being the only girl there who did not know the words to anything other than the most famous lines), we danced, we perved at the boys, we got our photo taken with one of them, we drank more and more.... I embarasingly got he microphone stuffed under my nose - and like I said I don't actually know the words - and guestured it over to Jacquie instead (HER hen night, HER songs, SHE deserves to have the mic, not me!)

After one encoure the boys finally departed the stage, but milled about for a bit after for us to have another perve at (and for Jacs to get in with that slap stick again - naughty girl!), so it was time for MORE drinks and MORE dancing, until about 1am when the DJ packed up. Me and jacs ended up sat on the stage, hugging and telling each other "I love you!" and "You're the best friend I've ever had!"

As people started to leave Jacs mum came over to say good night and check that Jacs was ok. Jacs said she wanted to go to a club and do more dancing. Mum said no... left me in charge... I laughed... she changed her mind and put Leigh in charge. Much more sensible. We went into town anyway as soon as they were all gone!

After a killer cocktail in Chicago Rock Jacs admitted she was feeling a litte rough, so we headed back to the hotel and our room. A little shacky perhaps... comments like "why to the walls keep moving" were not encouraging! And no sooner had we reached our room that the bride-to-be passed out, horizonallty across the bed that she and I were sharing. Lucky Leigh got a single to her self!

We left her two it, and talked in to the night while trying to re-hydrate our bodies before the inevitable killer hangover the morning promised. I think were we both almost falling asleep mid-sentance before desiding that sleep was the best option. But that meant moving Jacquie.

Of cause, I am a dab hand at moving the dead weight which is a drunken body by now (see eny prev post which involes Yorkie in the pub!), so to have two of us move the considerably smaller and lighter frame which is Jacquie should pose no problem. Moving her was fine (Drag her legs round so she's lying vertically up the bed, not horizontally, roll her over to the far side, pull back the covers, roll her back onto the sheet and cover her up) until she sat bold upright mid roll, and swong her legs out of the bed. Still clearly FAST ASLEEP. She sat there, head lolling, hand scratching her knee, and snorred softly.

Leigh says: "She's got her eyes open. Is she getting up?"
I say; "Noooo, I don't think so..."
Leigh: "What do we do?"
I say: "This..."

And lightly push her shoulder so she slumps back down onto the pillow and we cover her up. Still in her outfit, although her shoes were off. I climbed in next to her and Leigh tooked her self up in the single.

Next morning the bride to be was a little worse for wear. No breakfast for Jacs, but some "worshiping at the porciline alter" was certainly on the cards, much to my amousment as she is NEVER sick off booze (Well, once, 2001 New Years Day's night, when we went into Lancaster, which was dead due to it not being New Years anymore, and getting very very VERY sick off sidekicks - do NOT abuse this drink! It will haunt you for life!). While I managed not to be sick, I did still have to drive back to Lancaster to spend an hour and ahlf scrubbing toilets. I think she got the better half of the deal there.

Well done Jacquie on having a TOP hen night!


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