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Girly day at Warton Crag!

I had a well deserved day off from cleaning and studying yesterday and instead I went on a day out with Debbie and Marie.

We got off to a slow start - after I dropped Yorkie off at work and picked Debbie up from our usual meeting place I had to call into the supermarket to buy a new hat (because my other one was still saturated from wondering round Morecambe in the rain with Debbie on monday afternoon) and some batteries for my camera... which meant back tracking back past Debbie's house before going back again to get to Maries. But since Marie had conviced Debbie to do some food shopping for her while we were there I got away with delaying the day by half an hour.

Marie lives at Warton so we dumped my car there and had some coffee and breakfast bars before setting off up the Crag.

It's a lovely walk, but the first bit of it is a killer for someone as unfit as me! And I had over wrapped myself against the weather. I assumed, with it being the end of November, that it would be cold, windy and wet. It wasn't! So the tights AND socks under my jeans were a little unnessasery, as was the fact that I was also wearing a rugby shirt, thick hooded jumber and padded rain jacket and new wooley hat... layers came off the higher I went, which was also a good excuse for stopping to catch my breath. So was taking photographs.... "Just wait a " puff pant "moment" puff pant click "ok" pant pant! You get the idea!

Beautiful to look at up there though. Well worth taking the photos. it really makes me wish I had a better camera than I do. Mine is a sweet enough camera, but it's only really designed for taking snaps of people close by. Landscape shots are waisted really, but anythings better than nothing.

We saw some nice plants while we were up there, and the linestone scenery had all my old geography and geology lessons flooding back (linestones pavements, weathering, grikes etc). Debbie was pointing out all the Spindle trees and different fungi abnd we reminised about nightmare geography field trips to limestone pavements which only ever seemed to take part on cold wet foggy days, and some one always ended up falling down and spraining their ankle (nice to know it wasn't just my college that did that to people).

We walked around for about 2 hours enjoying just being three girls together, talking about nature all things wonderful, and then desending into the usual "men are bastards" and "boys are all dirty" conversations that seem to happen when ever we are together. So glad that I seem to have found myself the last good man in Britain, and even he's grim sometimes.

On our way back down the crag we joined the road and trotted into a little village pub - the kind you always see in the movies with an open fire and local ales on tap! We're all skint so lunch was out of the question (and we'd had a picknick on the crag anyway) but we did have a drink and toasted our selves by the fire, feeling utterly chilled out!

Back at Marie's we changed out of our muddy jeans and I drove us into Morecambe, and then Lancaster, to do a bit of shopping. Debbie has a young cat too now so we did some pet shopping (nothing nice... flea powder and kitty litter! lol) and I bought myslf a new pair of boots from a new shop in Morecambe - a very sexy pair of low heeled ankle boots in combat pattern for less than 20 quid! Winner!

All in all, a rather good day!


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