Sunday, December 31, 2006

1st loss of the *new* diet

Humm… We still have nosh in that needs consuming. The diet isn’t really happening yet, but I think we all knew that it wasn’t going to start till Jan 1st, right?


On a ‘lighter’ note… some of the initial Christmas weight is shifting. I have dropped 6 pounds in only a couple of days. I don’t expect for a second that this is the kind of shift I will see again, it’s only the post Christmas drop, and I expect to get to just above where I was before Christmas. Maybe 12 stone 4 or 5. That’s when the hard work starts!

I went to work yesterday. It’s only a short shift; an hour and a half cleaning. But that works out at about 5.5 weight watchers points, so I can claim 4 back on the junk I have been eating.

I haven’t tried to work out how many points I did eat yesterday yet. I think I’ll save that for Jan 1st too. Wimping out slightly!
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