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Long catch up

I've been feeling a bit down since that last bit of news, but as it's almost Christmas I suppose I ought to make a post.

I have been doing stuff, fun stuff too. But it's that time of year - the shortest day today - and I am really feeling it!

Been out a few times. Went to Fran's PJ Birthday party on the 9th. Girly night in, and it was a good do. All the boys went round to Ray and Sarah's house for curry and beers and the girls flopped around Fran and Simons in our PJs troffing snack food, supping Cava (or in my case smirnoff ice) and singing along to SingStar games (I came second I am please to say!). Very girly indeed!

Following Wednesday I went out for a cheap and cheerful night with Debbie and Marie. I invited Jen along too because I haven't seen her in ages and we always have a good giggle when we go out. The idea was for each of us to go out on just a tenner each, not buy anything new to go out in, and to stash a bottle of grog in our handbags to top up our drinks with. Naughty... and very risky when we're going to my choice of pubs (not fancy girly bars) where being chucked out or barred would be a SERIOUS problem for me. Still, we seemed to get away with it.

We started off in the Bobbin, and then Jen pointed out that Forenzic were playing at the Yorkshire House, and if we went early we'd get in cheap. WINNER! So off we toddled. Debbie hadn't been for years, I don't think Marie had ever set foot in the place before. I think they felt a little out of place, but before long we got chatting to the lovely Jim (who was at Adam's birthday party), and Lewis. Teasing Jim is a fave pass time of mine. He's so lovely and so sweet, and very easy on the eye. Debbie was horrified by our 'flirting', but it was harmless fun as I am utterly in love with my Yorkie, and safe as Jim also has a missus.

Don't recall much of the night. I know we watched Jim and the lads play and they were great, I recall that a guy called Jimmy (not our Jim) who had a fixation on Jen, and when that failed, tried chatting every girl up, including me, and when I pointed out I was engaged to Yorkie he shat himself and kept well away from me afterwards. Tee hee!

The night after I was supposed to be going round to see Coops and Lelly... but I was dying so I couldn't go. Sent Yorkie round on his own and I stayed on the settee with the cats (where I had crashed out upon coming home from the Yorky and hardly moved since). I ought to know by now that I CANNOT drink when I am on my meds... it makes me even sicker thn I would have been. They are coming over tonight for a DVD and beer night instead.

And Saturday just gone we should have gone back to Fran and Simons for Simons birthday... BUT our boiler blew out and refused point blank to re-light, so we were totaly without hot water. With me being a clearner and him a gardener working makes us both pretty smelly (not to out too fine a point on it) so the thought of going out socially without having at least a shower if not a bath is not really acceptable! So we missed out on that one. Sounds like it was a good night too.

We saw Simon on Tuesday to take him back down to Burnely to pick his MAC back up (after taking 4 weeks to change the harddrive!) abnd called in to see mum while we were there. She cooked us a light lunch of a whole Cottage Pie with 2 veg, and then served up a massive amount of hot drinks and chocci biccies.

Splash seems to be recovering from the loss of his brother now, which still haunts my poor mum. He's taring round the house trying to trash the Christmas tree, pulling the cloth of the dining table (and everything which happens to be ON the tablecloth - like plates, glasses etc) and doing a good job of trying to hang him self on the wall and celing hangings by throwing himself off the landing banister and getting tangled up in the hallway decs.... Much to Mum and Johns horror and panic!

Well, that's it. That's my news... oh! Almost forgot! Got a harness for FIzgig! Going to try and train him to a lead!

I'll try to post again beofre Christmas, but the big family visit starts soon, and I'll be away from my beloved internet for a little while. So if I don't get chance to say it before I go....



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