Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Ring Business

Important link that one. That's the link to our wedding rings, which I know I have mentioned a few times already. But now we're ready to get our ring sizes checked and the rings ordered.

He still wants the titanium, simple as (so it wont get trashed at work) but I have the choice of that, or white or yellow gold. I'd love two-coour like my engagment ring, but the infill would be too fine and wont last (boo, honest, but boo!)

I'm thinking of going with the gold. It's traditional after all. There's no way I'm changing the ring for something else. We both love it - and it's part of the dress too now (at some considerable hassle to the poor ladies who embroidered it).

Yes, gold it is!

Now... where'd I put that money?
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