Tuesday, February 06, 2007

'Dry Run' with the photographer

A big day today... Down to Towneley to see the wedding photographer andhave a free trial.

The chap seems very nice, dry sence of humor, a bit of a perfectionist, but lets face it. Wedding Photos. They want to be perfect, right??

Me, Yorkie and Mark went down to mums for lunch ad then drove over to Towneley, had some snaps done of me, me and Yorkie and me and mum. Mark dodged well out of the way, lol!

And then we had a good wander round the Hall - I think Mark was pretty impressed. Or at least he seemed to enjoy himself.

We should be getting the photos some time from this weekend. I'll scan some in and show you all.

Here's hoping they're nice! Or else we'll be looking for a new photographer!
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