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Hen Night Ideas!

Well, the plans to meet with Jill and Fran to sort the hen night have fallen though today. Fran is poorly, and Jill's baby boy is not too good either.

But I will not be deterred! I am looking myself anyway!

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not, but my idea is to have a totally out of character pink, girlie, cheesy, utterly British hen night! It's going to be in June - either the first or the last weekend (so that's the 2nd or 30th)

It means wearing silly pink clothes, drinking to excess, going to BLACKPOOL and taking in Funny Girls and the gay scene as well as calling into a male strip bar!!!

And maybe a limo if I can afford it!

Stuff I have found today


I've been looking here and asked about availability around mid June: So far the site looks ok. There's these offers which look interesting too. The accommodation looks affordable so long as the cheaper ones aren't already booked up.

£20.00 per person

Lap Dancing

Let's face it... the boys will probably be looking at girlie's jiggling their pert (fake) boobs around in front of them - or at least watching porn. So there's no harm is us looking at some tight little butts and under-crackers about to burst at the seems! So why not go here!?

Either free for the basics with the accom up there, or £29.00 per person for the works!

Funny Girls

This is what I am waiting for Fran to find out about.

If we want the meal, that's £15.00 + entrance fee. We might want that, or we might want to eat somewhere else (like as port of the Lap Dancing show, or as part of the party Bus)

If we don't, then we can go in for standing room only at £7.00

£15.00 per person plus entrance (dunno how much that is) or £7.00 per person (standing room only)

Party Bus

This is something that Fran suggested ages ago, and I didn't like the idea. I preferred the idea of a limo.... but as I want there to be more than just 8 people there (try 20 people) a limo wont carry us all! It's take 3 of them!!!! So the bus sounds more and more like a reasonable idea (unless we just make our own way around Blackpool - and get utterly lost!). I like this package.

£44.95 per person

Things to consider:

  • Funny Girls is a must - that's why I want Blackpool. Without it I might as well just book a couple of Limos and go round Lancaster!
  • There's nothing that promises that the Party Bus will take us to Funny Girls.
  • To avoid people (like myself) from vomiting en route an over night stay makes sense.
  • We need to eat! So choosing a package with food included makes sense.


  • Book the hotel. (£20.00 per person)
  • Get the free limo to Wicked for the cabaret and buffet at a time that suits us - it says up to 7 shows a day (29.00 per person)
  • Make our own way to Funny Girls for the standing room only tickets (£7.00 per person, plus taxi?)
  • After Funny Girls use one of the free offer tickets from the hotel to go somewhere else, like a club, for the rest of the evening.
  • Taxi or walk back to hotel.

  • Book the hotel (£20.00 per person)
  • Taxi / walk to Funny Girls for meal & show (£16.00 + entrance)
  • Wicked for strip show (don't know price yet, waiting on email)
  • Do a tour of pubs and bars as we see fit (cash needed)

  • Hotel (£20.00 per person)
  • Party Bus Girls Night Out (£44.95 per person)
  • or Girls Night Out Plus (£54.95 per person)
  • And hope for a good night a la mystery tour - chancing NO Funny Girls...


Kelly said…
After all that hard work organizing the wedding day it's no wonder the busy bride to be is ready to let her hair down! That traditional 'last night of freedom' should be something special! To make a night truly special and memorable for the right reasons, you should definitely have limo and every possible scenario must be considered before you and your party departs for your day or night out to ensure nothing blunt the occasion for any of you.
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