Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mid Week Check-in

Well, Sunday's seem to be my day of screwing up the diet. This weeks treat was firends birthday lunch at a local pub.

Starter: Salmon Salad
Main: Turkey, Yorkshire pudding & veg with gravey
Pud: A cup (litteraly, a small coffee cup) of rice pudding

And over the rest of the day, about 7 Gin and Slimlines, and two bailies in coffee.


Oh, and I think I cooked something when we got home, like a sausage butty or something, at gone midnight....

But I can do this though, I'm certain of it!

Been trying the GI diet stuff this week. We'll see on Friday how well it's done - although it will be thrown off a bit tonight as my intended is cooking me his legendary meatballs for Valentines Dinner (yum yum yum)
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