Thursday, February 01, 2007

A testing time

And hasn't it been just that! OMG!

My weight has been up and down!

In my deffence, I have had a nasty time of it, what with problems at work (like not getting paid until almost a week late) and the stresses of family memebers landing on my door step and staying for a week, bringing all their bad habits to tempt my (almost non existant) will power!

I gained 4 pounds in the week that the family were here! And it's taken a week to shift it again!

So I am starting Feb at the exact same point I was at back on my last post on the 12th of Jan. I am 172 lb again.

Here's hoping that Feb will be a bit more successful! I'm hoping to lose between 6 and 8 punds this month!
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