Friday, March 16, 2007

Only half a pound :o(

Last week I only lost about half a pound, which also knocked my confidence. I know that I shouldn't be overly fussed about my weight loss or work outs when I am actually ill. I know that a body needs rest and good food and plenty of fluids to get better, but a half pound loss was so disappointing.

This week I lost 1 and a half pounds, which is better. And I suppose it means I have only missed one weeks's worth of weight loss. I'm still a bit groggy first thing in the morning, coughing up nastiness and snuffling a bit, but by the time I've got to work I'm ok.

I should be able to get back into my work outs this week. I think I'm well enough for a bit of the easy work outs and build myself back up again. I'll need to work hard for this next week anyway as Jacs is visiting this weekend and we're going out for dinner and then off for some cocktails. I'll need to work off all the extra intake! And I'm 'due on' on Wednesday too which means I'll retaining fluid. If I don't want to have a complete fit and spit my dummy out next Friday I'll have to work hard!
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