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Wow... two weeks in a row!

YUP!!! I've lost another 2lb.

BUT I'm going to have to be careful, as yesterday after weighing myself and feeling SO proud, I pigged out on biscuits.... 13 weight watchers points worth of biscuits!!!!

I'm a bad girl and I need I smacked hand! At least I didn't have any booze.

So this afternoon, when I finish work, as my other half is taking a rare saturday off to clear off out rather than spend any time with me, I am going to do a full aerobics DVD and try out my new Pilates DVD, which I have had for almost a week now and not even attempted yet (again, naughty me).

But, I can't turn back time and NOT have the biscuits. All I can do is work hard to undo some of the damage. As I have dropped down to the next stone (being 12 stone dead on now, not 12 stone +) I am only on 20 WW points a day instead of 21. That means revising my meals. And working extra hard with the exersize as I have to do more to gain the same number of points back.

It's back on track day today!


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