Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A light ...

I've had a bit of a break through with my assignment. At last. It's only due at 12 noon tomorrow!

With the exception of one image which won't show up, I seem to have cracked it. I've had some considerable help from some javascript forums. But here it is. Scroll to the bottom of the index page and follow the 'coming soon' link and you'll see what I've been able to do (but put on one of my own sites, not the assignment site)

Once I've figured out (or at least been pointed towards) the problem with my first image, and with why it won't seem to work on firefox (grr) it'll be done. And even if If don't get that sorted, I have enough there to get SOME points for it.

I hope!

Just need to get my car back now, and got over to see my Nan.
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