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Yorkie finally got his Stag Do sorted... although there was that much chopping and changing involved that I'm not really sure what's happening. They ARE going to Ireland (we used my card to book the flights) and they are booked into a hostel for at least one night.... (also charged to me, that's why I know). Friday to Monday, with some people coming home on the Sunday because of work obligations.

So I stand corrected (and with my hand slapped) for teasing and laughing and comments on the general uselessness of men (although, had I not been here with my handy debit card, nothing would have been booked, but I'll not mention that, right?).

A few days ago Mum came over and we went into town with Yorkie and Mark to order the highland wear for Mark and my Dad. There was much mirth about the email from Dad I'd printed off with his measurements on (mostly because he was making out they were wrong, when we all know that they aren't. We have faith in Fay's measurements, and mum will point out that as SHE is 5 foot 6, and dad is an inch shorter than her, he cannot possibly ALSO be 5 foot 6). BUT they are ordered and paid for. We can go an collect them towards the back end of June and that's one less thing to stress about.


There is also the possibility of Yorkie's biological Dad coming to the wedding. It's something I mentioned to Yorkie when we first got engaged, and something which I think he has put off thinking about. I wont go into detail (not appropriate) but with one thing an another Yorkie and his dad haven't had much to do with each other over the years. On the plus side, I think that him coming would be a good way to get them speaking again (they are family after all, and I know I resent not knowing a whole chunk of my family because dad didn't see much of his family - I missed out and don't want my kids to. Let them make up their own minds), but on the other hand, it could drag up old tensions that are best left buried. The last thing I want to do is have my feller - or any one else - all up set on our special day, but I'd hate for him to say in years to come 'I regret not having my dad at my wedding and getting to know him again'.

Long and short of it is I'm leaving it down to the two of them to sort out - but as it seems that neither of them are any good at picking up the phone I could be in for a long wait.

HOWEVER... as that is out of my hands (phew) I'll tell you all about something which I am involved in.

The Prima Magazine Photo Shoot - which is on Tuesday! I have a big day ahead of me. Got to be in Burnley (at Mums house) for about 10am, Jacquie should hopefully be joining me there. The wedding hair & beauty lady is coming at about 11am to do a trial for my wedding hair (which I have just had cut shorter - well, it on my shoulders now instead of almost being sat on). With my hair done the three of us are off up to Leeds to see Juvy and my wedding dress. While we're there the photographer and make up artist from Prima will turn up and take some photos of me made up in some summery clothes (it's the August edition even though it will be out just before the wedding in July, so summery outfit is required. Nothing black, nothing white, no logos. I had to go shopping!) and of me trying my dress on, and wearing it! Oo! After that - assuming we have time - we'll pop into the White Rose Centre and try to find a dress for Jacquie to wear, and have a look at dresses for Caitlin & Mia.


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