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The Honeymoon

Now, don't worry! I'm not going to go into graphic detail about the 'honeymoon moments'.... it's not that kind of blog! Our families read this and that would be just WRONG! What I am going to post about is the more savory activities of our trip to Bol, on the island of Brac, Croatia.

After the Wedding the new Mr and Mrs Walker shared a taxi with the Brides Mother back to the family home. Jacs, David and the kids had gone on ahead as they were staying there too. Dave took the kids off to bed and retired himself while the four of us sat round the dining table opening cards and looking at the gifts (thank you to you all, by the way. You've been incredibly generous!) and waited for the taxi booked for 3am to take me and Yorkie to the airport. It was heart breaking to take the dress off though. It had got so dirty during photos and reception that it seemed like a crime! Still, it will clean and be preserved.

The taxi arrived at 3am, and journey seemed to take forever. We were both already so tired, but determined not to sleep on the way incase we got grumpy when we woke up (no way to start married life, bickering because we're over tired).We wound up sat at the airport for an AGE! We'd got there an hour earlier than we needed to incase the terrorist threats of the previous week had caused problems and delays. They hadn't though and we got though quickly and then sat around trying - again - to stay awake. Yorkie kept suggesting games of Eye Spy, but my brain was too battered to be able to even think at that level! See - TIRED! I slept on the plane, and he slept on the coach once we arrived at Croatia. It was mid afternoon before we got to the hotel, having eaten nothing bar a couple of jelly babies for the whole journey. We had arrived in time for the hotels afternoon snack... but slept though that and only just made it down for dinner!

Our hotel! What a wonderful place! All inclusive... more food than you can fit on your plate (even with three helpings per meal)... bar (with beer, wine, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks offered from 10am till midnight)... entertainment by the Animation Crew and various outside entertainers (the mini disco for kids was priceless and one of the highlights of each day!)... mountain bike hire... and stuff we didn't use like a gym and sports equipment.Our room was nice too. Standard stuff, double bed, wardrobe, en suit (with loo, shower, bath and sink that Yorkie manged to smash on the last day by dropping a glass on it - the glass was fine), T.V. Air Con (thank GOD) and balcony view over the pool and entertainment area, sea AND highest point of the island. We spent plenty of time on that balcony watching the swallows dive at the pool to snatch insects and a drink (no chlorine). The service was impeccable! I have never seen so many cleaners and waiting staff in all my life! And it pays off too because you never saw a spot of litter or dirt anywhere. The maids even made towel art for us! We found towels twisted into swans and folded into flowers on our bed by the time we came back to our room from breakfast.

Sunday - our first full day on honeymoon. And we didn't do much! Still worn out from the wedding and traveling we just had a wonder round the village of Bol and found all the important stuff, like beach, exchange office, shops, bikes (free to hire for us as we're all inclusive). We met up with our rep and talked about what there was to see and do in Bol, and about trips we could go on.

Monday - We took some of the mountain bikes and had a ride round Bol. We cycled to the local museum / church / monastery and had a good look round, taking photos where we could and enjoying the sun and perfectly clear and cloudless blue sky while having a drink on the patio overlooking a private beach. Yorkie managed to split his shorts all up one thigh... but bizarrely had a spare pair in his rucksack! (more about the monastery)

Tuesday - A lazy day! We strolled into town in the morning and changed our money so we could pay for some trips with the rep that evening, and then hung around by the pool for the rest of the day, taking advantage of the bar. It had clouded over in the morning, but it was still very warm. The cooler breeze was deceptive though (as they can be) and just for once this holiday we didn't go back up to our room through the hottest part of the day. Poor Yorkie singed his right shoulder in the sun. Not too badly, but enough for it to sting a bit (and start peeling today).

Wednesday - Still slightly cloudy, but a brilliant day for taking a tour of the Island. We went all over! Driving up to the highest point of the island: Vidora Gora, taking a trip to Skrip; the oldest part with historic church, castle and museum, and Pucisca where they have the stone masons school (Brac is where they got the stone to build the White House in America)

Thursday - A shopping day! Can't come on honeymoon without taking back a souvenir or two!

Friday - Beach day! The clouds had vanished again and as it was our last full day the beach was beckoning! And what a wonderful beach too. Its WHITE! Not sand, but small perfectly smooth pebbles. We took some foam mats to lie on, and hired a parasol (which was essential!) and had a lazy time of it sunbathing, reading and taking frequent dips in the sea (which was calm, and warmer than the hotel pool!)

Saturday - Sadly we had to be up stupidly early to get breakfast and be ready for the coach picking us up at 7.30 to take us home again. Very sad! But we ARE coming back! Maybe not to Bol, or even Brac Island, but back to Croatia! It's a wonderful place, and there was so much we didn;t have either the time or the cash to get to. We loved it, and recommend it to any one!


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