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Not a good day!

First off we'd been woken up on and off through the night by problems with the water. At midnight there was none. None of the tpas worked the flush stopped working too. at 5.30am we were woken up by the cistern making a god awful racket as it tried to fill it self with muddy silty water - the same water which was now starting to come though the taps, in small useless amounts.

Yesterday was a training day, which in it self wasn't bad aside from the fact I had to go unwashed. It was an 8am start, 5.30ish finish, but generally ok. I learned quite a bit (mostly along the lines of "oh my god, why don't I know this?" so I know what to brush up on) and it made a chance from answering or making phone calls all day.

However... it was not all peachy! At lunch time as we were wondering back to the boss's house (where the triaing was being held) with our bacon butties (which I didn't actually have enough money for - they nice chaps let me off 10p though) I checked my messages only to find out that one of my nicest and happiest customers was fuming because she had not been able to get hold of me and had been having problems. So to calm her down i called back and promised to come by this morning and fix what ever was wrong - bang goes my Thu morning off work.

Other prooblems have cropped up through the day as well, like one particular site over Preston / Leyland what which is always half done brilliantly, half not done at all! It used to be two cleaners - one for he office side (he's great) and one for the warehouse side (he was pants, but left anyway). Resently, and without any input from me ot info given to me, two new cleaners ahve been put in to cover the warehouse side, sharing the hours. They don't speak English, but do clean for us else where. Well all i can say is bully for them, coz damned if they do ANYTHING at THIS site! Three times i have been down there and the job isn't getting done. On two occasions the girls were supposed to be there for me to see, speak to (HA!) and train. They never are. And last night when I got there the place was in such a disgusting state I would have fired them on the spot if either 1) I had the authority or 2) They had actually come to work!!!

So I end up having to get through the worst of it myself, making it at least presentable if not actually clean, and call though to my senior staff member - who has a headache after all that training (the same training I was at before driving 35 miles and working till 7.30pm after an 8am start, with a half hour minium drive home to do.... HEADACHE?!). So I called the boss, I didn't tell tails on my senior though, just that she was unable to speak at the time I called her. I just had to tell someone what was going on, someone who would take this seriously as we have almost lost this contract once before with exactly these issues - as the boss well knows!

Anyway, he did take me seriously, made some suggestions which I followed, and thanked me over and over for going after such a long day already, and sorry for it being a pain and long hours etc (so at least I feel appriciated). So that done I set off home.

Only to be pulled over by the police as I came past the Uni. It seems my car had been scanned by the cameras on the M6 and I had come up as uninsured. Great! My insurance did run out yesterday BUT I had bought insurance with a different company only the day before! Bought and paid for in full on line... so I had no evidence short of a printed out reciept... which was on my desk at home. So I had to sit at the side of the road while this policeman (who wasn't even sexy, or a traffic cop, but a police dog handler) called round to find out if I was actually insured or not. Finally he got through to my insurerers who told him I was. So I finally got to go home.

And to make matters worse, last night I only managed to sleep between midnight and 3am so today I am grumpy! This has been topped up by finding out that the Preston/Leyland site is no longer mine - nice of someone to bother telling me. Well if they cancel at least it's not my problem anymore! Although I feel really sorry for the one good cleaner we do have there as he would ebd up out of a job. It now belongs to the person who put the crap cleaners in, and she told me the cleaners not only said they were there last night, but that the good cleaner confirmed it! LIES! And I also found out at this meeting this morning that my cleaners there have been mucked out with and changed, that none of the hand over information was given and that changes have been made to the hours even though I didn't instruct them and the customer didn't want them! How the HELL am I supposed to do a good job with people tripping me up every where I go? Now I am havibng to give up my Tuesday morning to go and work along side this cleaner (who to be fair is good, but wasn't told everything she needs to know) to keep the customer happy.

So much for my day off! This time yesterday, when asked, I had a 90% confidence in the company. Lets hope the boss doesn't call and ask me today!


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