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I don't even have the energy to use my computer most of the time, and the people who know me best know that means I really am off colour!

I'm having the afternoon off work in exchange for half of my day off tomorrow. I was supposed to be going to Leeds to do some site visits this afternoon and evening, but as I feel worn out and was being sick this morning before I'd even had my breakfast I didn't think it was such a good idea. So I had my 10 o'clock with Tessa, and then a quick meeting with Rob about credit chasing, and went home. Still doing some work though, I have a stack of courtesy calls to make (at least I have a company phone, and they are short calls) and the appropriate on-line paper work that follows them up, but then that's it. The afternoons my own. It would be right now but I have to wait until about 1.30 for my last few calls to come back from their lunches.

We should have had our first parenting session last night st the RLI, but as I was held up at my last job of the afternoon (by half an hour) and because 'they' are digging up the roads in Bolton-le-Sands, and because Sods Law just LOVES me, we got back home too late to really bother going anymore. We'd have been late and stressed out and not really fit to learn 2 hours worth of info. Good news is the same class is being repeated on the 10th of Dec so at least we haven't missed out forever, just been delayed.

I'm having the strangest and most vivid dreams at the moment. Quite disturbing in the fact that most of them seem to revolve around sex. I'm not sleeping through the night (prob good practice) because I have to get up and pee all the time. And if it's not that then it's because one or both cats are trampling all over me because they want to go out and we've locked them in while the fireworks are going off locally (poor Fiz was freaked out by them too).

Having got my appetite back for a few blissful but short weeks, I have now gone off everything again. I made a great cottage pie the other night, Yorkie troffed all of it and went back for more. Me? Well, I ate a few fork-fulls and felt sick to gave it to him to finish off (no wonder his belly's growing to match mine).

AND I'm getting sick of all these reports on the telly about breast milk! They wind me up! Don't get me wrong, I want to breastfeed my kids, and I know that in an idea world that's what all kiddies should have (it's the way nature intended etc) but I feel sorry for the poor women out there who CANNOT breastfeed their babies. The pressure on them, and the guilt, must be appalling! And according to the news today, not only are non-breast babies going to be sick, they're going to be thick too. Cracking!

Grr.... I guess this is the hormones kicking in again, and the over-tiredness. I think once I have made these last few calls I might just go to bed and have a nap. I might feel better for that.


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