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Catch up

I have actually started to write this blog about half a dozen times in the last week, but things crop up - like Jack needed a feed or a nappy change - and I wind up cancelling and starting again days later! Hee hee hee!

Never before have I had something take me away from the computer to effectively, especially something that I enjoy spending time with more (even my hubby because we compute together).

My first two weeks of parenthood have been lovely. I'm tired out and look a mess, but I seem to be coping well enough with having a baby.

I cannot stress enough how much Yorkie has helped out though, without him it would be a very different story! He does SO much! He's first one up, passes me Jack for his first feed of the day, usually ends up doing the first nappy change, then goes off to feed the cats, put the previous day's cloth nappies in the wash, brings me the dry nappies from the last wash, brings me breakfast, then minds Jack while I have a wash. Through the day I do most of the minding of Jack while he carries on with the kitchen - and for this week the laying of the new floor in the living room with my Dad and Fay - and then at night when ever I get up to feed Jack (about 3 times a night) he offers to help and change his nappy (although mostly I let him sleep and do them myself as I'm up anyway).

Mum's been over loads, Dad arrived on Friday, Kate visited last weekend, we've had guests and prezzies aplenty. The midwives all think that Jack's great and that we're coping well, the health visitor is lovely and due another visit tomorrow.

It's the little things that get to you - be them good or bad - and remind me that this is real, he's ours, we're a family.

Things that drive me mad, like the 4am feed when I am at my grumpiest, the waiting until his nappy is off before he pees and/or poos everywhere. One day Jack got poor Yorkie with a triple whammy, right after being feed Yorkie picked him up for a cuddle and a nappy change, and Jack threw up on him. Then while having his nappy changed Jack pooed and then peed all over Yorkie, while I howled with laughter! Although he gets me too, and today even managed to pee in his OWN ear!

Things that I love, like when Jack grabs Yorkie's beard, or opens his eyes and locks on to ours taking everything in, when Yorkie had a bath with Jack, listening to Jack's little snores when he's in his basket or crib, knowing that sometimes all he wants is a cuddle with his mum, or one with his dad, and that when he feels like that no one else will do. I love his big beautiful eyes, his soft hair, the fact that he is already always just a little bit grubby. I love watching him and trying to work out who he looks like (mostly his dad but there is a little Oakes in there too round the chin).

He's such a calm baby too! Generally he only cries if he is hungry or dirty. He was fussing about being too cold one night but we figured that out and sorted him out. Sometimes he'll fuss if he's bored and wants cuddling or playing with, but other than that he is happy just to snooze, feed and be loved. He HATES having his nappy changed though and being washed and dressed is practically torcher - or so he would have you believe. All quickly forgiven with a cuddle though.

Here's hoping it lasts! Next time I could be ranting about how evil he is!


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