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Busy Weekend

We did a tour of family this weekend! It was great, but shattering

Friday evening we packed up both cats and Jack and drove over to my mums. Fizgig was staying there after his misbehaviour at Christmas which meant we have no intention of taking over to Jenny's again (little horror picking on poor Olly) but it wasn't the fun stay he was expecting as when we got there he was greeted by 2 NEW kittens! He was a little taken aback by that!

After tea with Mum and John we set off again over to Jenny's but didn't get there till just gone midnight! All credit to little Jack though because he was good as gold all the way, only miffing a bit when we stopped the car for any reason without getting out. it must have tuckered him out though because he slept from 12.30am till 5.30am!

Saturday was a full day. We took Jack over to meet his Auntie Rachel and his cousins - including new Baby Alex! So cute! They look less alike now, but still have many of the same traits! Kate and Dave come too and we all went out to lunch. We took load of photos of the kids, even if Chris and Nicky were being a bit of a handful (in fact Nicky ripped out a handful of Yorkie's beard! OUCH!)

Next stop was David's so he could meet his grandson. It would have been a BBQ apparently but the weather had changed so it was an oven job, but nice all the same. We didn't wind up staying all that long though because Jack ran out of nappies - he's been explosive all day and muckied up all of this nappy pants in one afternoon. Unheard of! And not pleasant!

All the fuss and loves and cuddles from his relatives must have worn Jack out again though because on Sat night he slept form 12am till 6.30am! Unbelievable! I woke up in the morning, saw it was day light and panicked thinking something was wrong with him, but he was just sleeping happily.

We had Sunday lunch with Kate and Dave and little Jack was still all sleepy and sweet, but Kate did at least get to have a good cuddle of him before we set of back to Burnley to pick up Fizgig and let my Mum see him for a bit longer then she had on the Friday.

Sadly over the course of the weekend Jack started to develop a cough. It started on Friday, just a cute little "Ahem ahem", but by the same we got home on Sunday he was rattling a bit and bringing up bile! Sunday night was not a full night of sleep, and by Monday morning I was coming down with a sore throat too. Wonderful!

I called the docs and got an appointment for today hoping to get some Calcough or something on prescription for him (why buy it when you can get it free - well, 90p for the cost of parking at the surgery). Typically though, after a night of sleeping in bed with mummy and daddy he's loads better, but his bunged up nose it still making feeding difficult for him so I was given some nose drops for him and told to carry on with Calpol if we needed to.

Ever tried to upend a baby and pour something up his nose? Not easy!

The two of us have spent the rest of the day cuddled up on the settee under a quilt, sleeping when we want to, Jack feeding as much or as little as he feels inclined to - depending on how long between nose drops he is - and we're both feeling better now. Although a good nights sleep wouldn't go amiss!


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