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The weather is amazing! It's so warm and sunny right now, people are walking around in summer clothes, sunbathing, and doing all kinds of lovely summery stuff.

I love the sun! I want to be out in it all day!

Jack... isn't quite so keen it would seem. He would appear to take after his dad and hate being warm. He's been unhappy for the last couple of days already. He spent pretty much all of yesterday in just his nappy, and last night despite the fact that we had door and windows open all day the bedroom was round 25 degrees C until sun-up.

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep worrying about him being too hot. And he was awake again at 5.45am screaming because he was so thirsty. He's only just gone back to sleep about 15 mins ago (9.30am), just because he's shattered I'm sure. I'd love to sleep too but am having to do a ton of washing. With him being hot and drinking more we're getting through more poohy nappies which means more washing (curse those cloth nappies). And I'm having to drink gallons too so that I can keep my fluid levels up for his increased feeds.

Today looks like it's going to be just as toasty and I'm not looking forward to another day of an unhappy baby crying until 8pm when it cools down a bit. I'm already so tired after the last couple of days. Yorkie was home yesterday but not much use because he was suffering from the heat too. He was great at doing some things; he washed the nappies and cooked dinner, came food shopping and joined me at Jack's weight in at clinic, but had a grump on because he was too hot so was not much use at calming an over heated baby.

Fortunately I have been paid today! I thought it might not come till Saturday so this is great! I'll be off into town in a bit to buy Jack (and Yorkie) some fans for the house. I'm thinking about one on a stand for the living room, and a small one to keep by his crib in the bedroom. Oh, and some sun cream and a parasol for his pram. We bought him a sun hat yesterday - which he actually kept on without too much fuss. I'd love to buy him some dinky sunglasses but he doesn't really need them and I doubt he'd wear them anyway.

Mum and John are coming over around lunch time so we can go to town together and they can help me carry this stuff back to the car - which would have been a nightmare otherwise - and then take a trip to Morecambe where is might be a bit cooler if there's a breeze coming off the sea.

I'm so grateful for visitors when it's like this. I need help looking after Jack when he's hot, even if it's just a different person to settle him for a few mins while he's hot and fussy. Kate came over at the weekend with Dave, Joy, Uncle Bob and his girlfriend Rachel (not to be confused with Yorkies sister Rachel). It wasn't as hot then as it is now, but it was nice having so many other people to hold him and play with him, passing him round so I could have a breather. A couple of days ago I went to see Jill and her new baby Jethro too. Having Jack in the car with the windows down getting a nice breeze was great. Not so good when we were stopped in traffic though when he got hot again and cried.

At the moment it's not too hot in the living room and Jack's managing a nap in his basket with just his nappy and a vest on. Before long that vest will have to come off, but there's some air movement with me having the front door open.

It's a good job I turned down this trip to Egypt in August (although I am gutted to be missing Antoni and Hadels wedding) but there is no way Jack would have been able to cope with that heat. It's going to be a long time before we make any foreign trips at all if the poor little lad is suffering in the UK in May.


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