Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thunder Storms

It seems I have passed on something less than brilliant to our poor son - a sensitivity to thunder storms.

This morning he woke up at 5 for a feed and change as normal, but wouldn't settle. He was whinging and fidgety and stressed, and so was I, which made for a poor combination at that time of the morning. We were like this till 6.30, but just around 6.15ish the sky blackened and there was thunder. Lots of long, low, deep rumbles of thunder that got closer and closer and then suddenly stopped. My headache cleared pretty much right away - as I'm used to happening - and Jack suddenly settles and went to sleep until gone 9.

This evening my headache came back just as he started to gripe again. Again he was fed and clean, but no amount of cuddles and love or anything else we tried would calm him. We even tried him with the gripe water. Then there was more thunder, and as it cleared he fell asleep.

If i could have chosen things to pass on to Jack, that would not have been on the list. For years Yorkie has said I'm like a barometer, and now there's two in the family.

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