Saturday, June 07, 2008

A quick post for Fay

It's been baking hot over here the last few days so our little Gonk-Boy hasn't been wearing any of the lovely coats he's been given.

Today is cooler so he's had a bit of a fashion show!

This Jack wearing a denim jacket sent by Fay. I thought the rocking chair and floral throw would be a great backdrop for this mini cowboy (since he's still a bit young for cows n horses just yet).

He's being a real mummy's boy today - which is lovely! We went for a long walk round Williamson's Park yesterday with Jen and her boys which wore him out, and after having a bath with his dad last night he slept really well! 12 hours (less night feeds and a couple of nappy changes)! And he's still drowsy now, wanted nothing more than snuggle to his mummy and snooze!

Guess the house work will have to wait a day. What a shame!!

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