Sunday, June 01, 2008

Routine update

It seems to be working to the most part! I'm not going to pretend that we stick to it like glue - and this morning we were as far from it as you can be - but he seems to like it and he IS going to sleep or 8pm each night giving me and Yorkie some time together.

We've had walks in the sun and in the rain - lucky Jack has a rain cover. I just get wet

We're bathing him every night and massaging him with olive oil. He's liking the baths now, and enjoys the massage so long as I don't put him on his tummy to do his back (we'll work up to that one).

And just to prove what a happy baby it's making him take a good look at this photo!

What a sweetheart! And doesn't he look like his dad?!

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