Friday, July 18, 2008

Grumpy boy

It's been a hard week this week with one thing and another. Jack was in a huge grump all Monday. It wasn't his fault, but despite having so much fun at the weekend, the break in routine upset him. He's used to sleeping at certain times, and those times only, so the combination of long car rides through the day where he slept, and late nights, wasn't good. Something we'll have to be careful of in future.

Tuesday had him pretty much back to normal, but Wednesday was jab day! His 16 week inoculations. 3 of them! He hated it. He screamed. He bled!

And true to form all day Thursday he hated me. I'm the evil parent who lets people stick pins in him. He had smiles for daddy, and nanna, and even total strangers. Me? Well, he screamed and kicked and refused to eat unless he was starving.

Very hurtful!

Still, today I seem to be forgiven. I can't help but wonder if his tasty home made butternut squash dinners might have something to do with it!
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