Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake day!


I love pancake day! I'm not actually much of a pancake fan, but pancake day is different. It's an excuse to buy jiff lemons and mess about with sugar and jam and yummy sweet stuff ALL DAY!

Yorkie has been on pancake duty today, making jammy pancakes for Jack for breakfast, and one jammy, one lemon and sugar for each of us. For tea we had savory chicken pancake wraps. YUM!

Jack liked his pancakes this morning, sucking all the jam off first then taking turn to much the pancake and fling it around the room, leaving jam snake tracks all over the floor!

I was very cute though, watching him him suck and chew on the strips like big fat flat spaghetti.

Not sure the spoon he was holding was actually any use to him though... still, he likes holding it!
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