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End of clomid month 1

First off.... I am not pregnant. I am more than just a tad disapointed about that.

BUT on the plus side, I have been able to chart properly (pretty much) for a whole month. And the clomid has clearly worked! Regardless of what some people who looked at my chart said about my temps being wrong for ov, the rest of my body signs all pointed to me having ov'd when I thought I had, and he closest thing I have ever had to a postivie opk said I had too. So in a way it's nice that AF showed up right on time, because that means that I am reading my body right after all.

So on Sunday I'll be starting my next lot of clomid, and charting very carefully again all month, in the hope of getting a BFP on MY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!! (Yup, next AF due 26th Aug).


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