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I felt squiggle move!!!

I have been complaining that I have not felt this baby move since before Christmas. And I was starting to worry ever so slightly too. I'd planned to go to Apple Tree tomorrow and attnd the drop in centre so I could hear baby's heart beat (something the MW suggested I do) but with the snow being the way it is I doubt that the nursery will even be open. I was having to start thinking about coming to terms with waiting another week to make sure Squiggle is ok...

And then, last night, once I had climbed into bed... I felt a shuffle! I practically held my breath and waited for another one - just in case it was wind or my dinner digesting etc - and there was another, and another! Whoo!

Not enough for Mark to feel anything yet (well, there wouldn't be) but I am SO thrilled! Will not be forcing my self down the hill to Apple Tree in the snow and ice now.


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