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Snow & Prams

An odd combination maybe?

Totally unrelated for the most part actually, other than both happened today.

We've woken up to more snow today. I knew it was supposed to snow because I'd checked the weather yesterday when my car refused to start. I thought that if the weather was going to get warmer through the week then I would swap yesterday for another day when the car might actually work. But it's forecast for snow, strong winds and general nastiness! So I got a jump for the car (thanks Ian, my newest hero!) and trudged in. Sure enough today: Snow. Reasonably deep for Lancaster too! Only I had to get into the office today to sort out my expenses, find out why I hadn't been paid back to 2 days I was owed, and complain bitterly about the bank charge I had incurred as a result. It's a "today or never" thing... so today it was.

For those of you who come to visit us... DON'T TRY TO DRIVE DOWN OUR HILL IN THE SNOW! Today I learned to SKI in a car! Lots of fun... I think NOT! I know you should never apply breaks when slipping on snow or ice. But my feet don't know this and did it automatically. So I made 1/3 of the way down the hill at a diagonal. Still, I made it down.

Half the roads in town were closed due to the snow, but luckily not the ones I was driving on, and by the time I was heading back home the rest were clear. I got stuff sorted at work and well is well with the world.

But I have that hill to climb again to get home. I thought twice about trying to climb the steep narrow side and opted for the shallow wider road. I got 1/3 of the way up and lost all traction! Luckily, a car had recent moved and had left a nice bare bit of tarmac. So I shuffled and wheel spun my way over to it and parked up. I walked the rest of the way! SO glad I keep my wellys in the car!

So that's the snow part.... the pram is next!

Most of you probably know that I have been dreaming about the M&P Duette pram since before we even got pregnant with Squiggle... It's £625... and looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie! It's great!

It's a pipedream.

So I set me sights a little lower to the Aria Twin (Also M&P). The pram we already have is an Aria (single version) and it's great! It's light, practical, sturdy, and has seen us all the way with Jack without the need to buy anything else. So another Aria makes sense. And at £325 it's MUCH more affordable. I have seen the Aria Twins around for ages and they fit the car seat we already have.

Or they USED to... the new Aria Twin does NOT have this feature.... a massive step backwards if you ask me. And, I suspect, another attempt at forcing parents into buying that FAB Duette (as I think the "no buggy-boards" policy might also be).

This means that if I want and Aria, or more to the point, ANY pram that will fit our car seat and save us the hassle and expense of buying & fitting a new one... we'll have to have a 2nd hand Aria Twin (I now know they are Aria Twin PLUS... ahhh!). So I trawled the web searching for anyone who stocked them Argos do the Twin, but in a more recent model which prob does not have the car seat option - and Argos wont reply to my emails (neither did M&P! Poor customer service guys!).

EBay was my savior! It's been SO LONG since I was last on eBay too... I found the pram I was looking for. Good price (starting at £75, or BN £120). It comes with a car seat and rain cover too. This would give us either a spare car seat (ideal for a grandparents car maybe?) or at least guarantee us one that fits the pram. There's a photo of them attached.

But collection only at over 100 miles away. Then I saw it... only 40 mins away from my Mother in Laws! GASP!!!!

So I've bid on it, and won it! £87 in the end (£100 was my sticking point).

Just need this snow to begger off now so we can go and fetch it!


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