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4 weeks today *dance*

It seems that the bath was a bad idea.... I should have had a shower and that's all I will be having for the rest of this pregnancy. I managed NOT to get stuck this time (unlike when I was carrying Jack and I got wedged!) Squiggle likes baths, Jack never let me have one for more than a couple of minutes before he was trying to climb out of my belly button. I laid there very happily watching my belly shuffle about, and gave it a good soaping (something else Squiggle really likes, any kind of rubbing of my belly) then decided to wash my hair. This involves a certain amount of shuffling back and forth on my back, knees in the air (ever since Mark used my hair washing jug for some DIY and never replaced it, it's the only way I have of rinsing my hair without the shower head). Not normally a problem, but what you may not relies is just how many of your tummy muscles you use doing this. Squiggle did NOT like that AT ALL!

From late Thu afternoon, right though the evening, on and off through the night, and on and off through Friday as well I have been subjected to cramps, pains behind my belly button, pressure in my bum and a whole host of other aches and pains. All baby related. All suggesting early labour. But without anything serious like a show or waters going or anything. I posted on the forum about it and a few people answered saying I should call the labour ward, but I really don't think I need to do that. I'm pretty certain it's just a nasty bout of Braxton Hicks combined with a knarked baby. My belly has changed shape dramatically again too, suggesting that Squiggle is further down into my pelvis, although I wont know for sure until Monday when I see the midwife. I don't feel like I'm in labour anyway. I'm not considered "Term" for another week so Squiggle isn't allowed to come yet!

I've started some preparations for Squiggles arrival. I've found the cloth nappies for the first few sizes (well, I have them all, but I'm dealing with the first sizes. The rest can wait until they are needed) and have half of them washed and dried and the 2nd lot in the dryer now. Later today I'm going to rummage though the 0-3 month baby clothes and sort them. I want to buy a couple more of the pants for the first size. Jack was hardly in them since they go up to 11lb and he was almost 10lb at birth, but Squiggle (so far) looks like a 7 1/2 - 8lb baby so we'll need more than just 4 pairs of pants.

Mark has paid for a birthing ball for me! It was shipped yesterday 1st class and I'd love for it to come today, but I suspect I wont see it until Monday at the earliest. I'm really looking forward to it too, I didn't bother with one last time, but last time I wasn't as uncomfortable as I am now and these things are supposed to help with that. I've found some instructions/exercises too. I can up my Raspberry Leaf Tea drinking today too up to 2 cups! I've had a couple of goes at the perineal massage too, although I don't think I'm very good at it, or that I am really dexterous enough to do it right......

At least I feel like I am making some attempt to be ready for baby. It's not like with Jack where we had to go and buy everything. I felt like I was doing LOADS, this time we have pretty much everything so I need to "prep" some other way.


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