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A poorly sick Jack-Jack

Our poor wee man.... He was a bit snotty over the weekend. On Sunday he didn't want his tea (which was roast beef so I didn't expect him to eat the meat, but he even left his spuds and he LOVES roast spuds). Monday he wouldn't have any breakfast so for lunch Mark made some veg soup thinking it would be easy for him to eat and would get some much needed nutrients into his little body. Jack ate the soup and a while later when for his afternoon nap, a little early because he'd had a rough night and was acting very tired.

Not long after he went to bed we heard him crying. Really crying hard, not just a little protest whinge about being in bed. So I went up to him. His whole bed, his clothes and his skin were covered in regurgitated soup! And Jack was bawling! It's the first time he's been sick since he was a small baby and I think he was really quite scared! So I soothed him the best I could and called Mark up to help comfort Jack while I stripped off the bed. It had soaked right into his mattress and everything, poor feller.

We had this for the rest of the afternoon. Jack took a little water and juice but was sick again each time. By the 4th time he was sick I called NHS direct to get some advice on keeping him hydrated. After asking various questions to eliminate the chances of him having swine flu, meningitis etc I was told I'd be better off calling our local out of hours doctor. So I did that. They asked the same set of questions and a doctor called me back moments later. Still all I wanted was advice, but the doctor I spoke to said I'd be better having him checked out in person, could be we bring him to the out of hours surgery up at the hospital in 2 hours time. I said we would, then Mark and I pondered if it was actually really necessary.... but you know how these things go. If we take him, he'll be fine. If we don't and he isn't.... well that doesn't bare thinking about. So we took him.

The doctor saw him and said it was just a vomit virus, he couldn't find anything else. What did we want him to do? So I explained that I had originally only called NHS direct for hydration advice. He smiled in a way that suggests this happens a lot and then said that we were admirable in what we had already done to keep him hydrated and to simply continue. If he got worse then we were to bring him back. We were in and out in 10 minutes... But at least we know what' wrong with him now.

Monday night and we were up to him every 45 mins or so. Poor Jack was scared to get back in his bed to start with - I think the trauma of being sat in a lake of vomit was still far too fresh in his mind, but I said and cuddled him until he calmed down. The bed needed a full change on linen 2 more times with Jack being sick (Which has prompted me to buy more bedding for the bunks because we ran out half way through the night) although we managed to save the mattress this time (so glad we have bunks and therefore a spare mattress as the first one was still being treated).

Tuesday was a little better. He was sick first thing and last thing only, but seemed to be getting his appetite back. He spent most of the day cuddled up on Marks lap dozing.

Today he's a lot better. We've had no sickness (so far, although he's not been in bed long as he is still awake) and he's had a little to eat. Mostly cheesy puffs (which he pooped out in 3 rather nasty nappies in under an hour. Poor daddy got THAT job, but I have been the one dealing will ALL the vomit & pee washing from the last 3 days) but he is keeping the food down, and having a lot more to drink too. He's been giggling again, and wanting books reading to him, and saying "Ta" and "Daddy" and even "Cheers" when I offered him a refresh on his juice cup.

We're hoping that the worst is well and truly over now and that we'll have our Jack-Jack back by the morning. Although it has been nice having a tidy front room for the last couple of days (save for the pools of sick that had to be cleaned up).

Parenthood is SO glamorous!


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