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RIP Splodge I

Some people may scoff at my forward planning and my constant desire to have plans formulated for "What If". Well today I feel justified!

Mark did take Jack out for the morning, allowing me to have time to myself to do some housework and have some peace. And it was lovely.

However... when they got back Mark whispered to me that Splodge had been lost. Properly lost. No idea where or when. He'd noticed Splodge was missing once they'd got to the park on the way home.

Now, personally I'd have back tracked until I found the poor thing. But then that's the difference between men and women, and between mums and dads. Instead I found myself ringing around all the shops Mark had been to in an attempt to track down Splodge. With no luck.... The lady at Julian Graves remembers them (because Jack was trashing the place) and says he had the dino when they left. After that it was Sainsburys, Waterstones and B&Q. I called all of them but also no luck. I even called and left a message with St. Nicholas Arcade themselves (shopping arcade) but with so much distance between each of those shops Splodge could have been lost anywhere on the street and be gone forever.

As it happens, some time ago I bought a spare Splodge, and had it stashed in our bedroom. Jack found it once, but prefered the original. It was Marks job to convince him that *new* Splodge was actually *real* Splodge. He told Jack that Splodge had had a bath, and that was why he was all clean and fresh and fat. Jack seems to accept this, although he's giving the toy a few funny looks. He's had his afternoon nap with new Splodge, and had taken him to bed tonight along with Spike and Bluey (Splodge's "brothers"). He may be convinced, or at least accepting.

I, however, am finding it a little harder to forgive... (probably because I am pregnant, hormonal and emotional) and want to have a tantrum on Jack's behalf "Why didn't you keep a better eye on Splodge?" and "Why didn't you go back and find him? I would have..." but that's not going to help, and we DID have the spare...

I'll be buying a second spare as soon as I have money in my account! You can't get them online any more, and it's hit n miss finding them in the shops anymore! I might even get 2! Just in case...

Oh and Jack - if you ever look at this when you're older, please know that we did everything we could to track down your favourite toy and we had a back up plan so that you'd not have to suffer that loss just yet. And in future, please keep hold of the stuff you love and stop sending your poor mum into a state of panic!


MummaWalker said…
And since this day I have been haunted by Splodge I. I think I may have been subjected to too much Toy Story. I have a recurring nightmare about Splodge being lost out in the dark and the rain, and winding up on a landfill site rotting. Not a deserving end for such a beloved toy. And I feel a level of guilt that Jack has taken to Splodge II so easily...

I really need to focus on this important fact: IT'S A TOY! It has no emotions, no feelings, it's not alive! The important thing is Jack is not upset! Argh!

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