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Oh... I'm getting worse. I'm constantly tired now. If I find myself sat without anything to do for as much as 5 mins I'm nodding off. I'm trying to keep active though because this baby needs to get engaged and get facing the right way, and that's not going to happen if I'm sat on my backside or kipping in bed. Unfortunately, the flip side to keeping active is that I'm not putting my feet up so they are swelling larger and larger.... I can't win!

I took Jack out again yesterday since we're both well again and I had a bit of cash. We went to Preston (giving Mark chance to do a bit more decorating in peace) and Jack was as good as gold the whole time. I think he likes going to Preston. Of course, going to Toys R Us and Mc Donalds might have something to do with that! I managed to find a replacement spare Splodge (the last one in the shop though, hope they get some more just in case), a couple more trains for his Thomas set and another box of jigsaws since he can do the ones he has blindfolded now! The trains have gone away for now, they'll be brought out as mini-gifts once Squiggle is here.

I also took him to Brantanos to get his feet measured and felt awful that we have been squeezing his feet into size 7s when he's now an 8! So he got a new pair of trainers and some sandals too which will hopefully see him through the summer months. He was very good in the shoe shop though, even though he was hungry and tired. He stood on the foot measuring thingie and smiled sweetly at the young lass who was measuring him (she commented on what a lovely smile and gorgeous eyes he had) and gave her no trouble at all - unlike the witch at Clarkes a few weeks earlier who tried to make me feel crap for buying him supermarket shoes (Grrr!)

We popped into Mothercare too and he had fun playing with all the ELC toys in there, and then got excited about the prams and cribs when I said we needed to look at baby stuff. He found himself a book with lift-the-flaps AND noisy buttons and convinced me to treat him to that too (this child is spoiled!) and I got a new nursing pillow for me and Squiggle to share.

It was the middle of the afternoon before we got home Mark had got LOADS of decorating done, but was not happy. The paper he's putting up is not cooperating with him at all and he's wound up chucking a load away (good job it was free) so it looks like me and Jack will be out again today to give him a bit more time and space! Unfortunately, because I'd been tramping about all day my feet were so swollen I really struggled to get my shoes off. They were twice their normal size and rock hard... This morning they are still swollen, not as badly, but they are no where near back to normal.

I think this may be it for the rest of the pregnancy. Big fat feet. Massive boobs. Belly I can't see over. I'm starting to look and feel like one of those Fertility Goddess statues. Only their feet and ankles seem a lot smaller than mine....

Naturally, once we got home Jack wanted to play with his new jigsaws so I got them out for him. Only, to play with them you need to get down on the floor with him. This is not so easy for me. Getting there is hard, getting comfortable while I am there is almost impossible, and as for getting up.... well lets just say I'm very lucky that Mark hasn't thought to get the camera out and YouTube me because it'd get a lot of hits! It's also a really bad place for me to be with swollen feet because they get worse! Still... daddy was busy so mummy needed to do it. (And he DOES love his jigsaws!) I just wish he'd do them on his little table!

I'm hoping to take him swimming today. We're meeting up with Jen and Conner, but she warned me she might not be up to swimming this week so we might just go to the park instead. it looks like it's going to be a nice sunny day so that's not so bad. Tomorrow is Scan Day (and also the day they decide if/when to induce me) and I'm wanting to get me and Jack in for a haircut in the morning before the appointment at the hospital. Thursday and the health visitor is popping in to see Jack and I'm hoping that we can call in to see Kathy and Katie after that. Dunno about Friday yet.... Maybe I'll take him swimming then if we don't go today. And on Saturday he can go to dads Club with Mark and I can have a rest :oD (or get the housework done... which ever)


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