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Never enough time!

Any of you who have kids will understand this... there's never enough time in the day to do everything you need to do, let alone what you want to do! And that's how it's been here for the last few weeks. I haven't even managed to lose any weight!

Typical day: Daddy gets up with Jack. Mummy feeds Tom. All downstairs for breakfast. Put cloth nappies on to wash. Empty & re-fill dish washer. Dress kids. Take kids out for the morning. Back for lunch. Do washing. Entertain kids until nap time. Jack goes for a nap. TRY to do something fun for me (usually fail). Tidy up toys. Make dinner & get Jack up. Feed everyone. More washing, stack dishwasher again. Entertain kids until bedtime. Get Jack ready for bed (inc bedtime story). Tidy up toys. Get Tom ready for bed. Pass out! ((Insert baths for kids 2-3 times a week.))

Since I was on here last we have been visited by my sister-in-law Rachel, her hubby and 3 kids, and the dog. It was lovely seeing everyone although it has highlighted our need for a bigger house one day! The bigger kids seemed happy enough watching DVDs, jack and Alex played along side each other well enough too. I got a lovely photo of the two of them sat together on the sofa. Alex had been sat with his arm round Jack right until I clicked the shutter button when he moved it (typical kids). Tom charmed everyone as you'd expect!

We've had a real effort to get out with Jack and Tom pretty much every day, even if it's only been for an hour or two. But for ages the weather was so nice it seemed wrong to waste it by staying in! Then there was that hose pipe ban and it's rained every day since until today (again, typical!). So that's been trips to the park, visits to the play groups at Appletree, calling round to friends or having them round to us, and even an afternoon at the local Brewers Fair so they could run about on the indoor play area (£2 per kiddie plus lunch. Cheap do on a wet day, and Tom was free).

Down side to that though is now both my boys, and my hubby, all have nasty snotty colds. I am amazed that I haven't got it yet, but there's time!

Jack and Tom still fill me with wonder every day. They like each other so much! Jack has so much love for his little brother, always wanting to pick him up (but we wont let him, Tom is heavy and Jack isn't that strong yet), help with nappy changes, getting him dressed and undressed, and even trying to blow his nose for him now that they are both snotty. And Tom gazes up at his big brother with wide eyes, smiling and chucking at him and saying "A-goooo" which Jack then copies. Tom never cries when Jack gets over excited and screams and shouts at him, or when he pokes, prods and pulls at him although me and mark are both sure it MUST hurt sometimes!

Now that Tom is getting that bit older (he's 7 weeks today) I am starting to see more differences in their personality. Tom hates being in the car, and in his pram for that matter, or anywhere where he has to be laid on his back and not picked up. Jack always loved being in the car or pram. He was never a baby for being cuddled all the time either. Tom wants mummy 24/7, which is lovely... but exhausting! And it does have to be mummy too. Mark's starting to think that Tom doesn't like him. But Tom is also settling down into a routine much quicker than Jack did. He likes a lie in in the mornings, so long as he's fed, and likes to be in bed at 9pm. He feeds between 9-10pm and usually that's it until 3ish where he has a small feed, and then sleeps till 5.30-6am, has another small feed and sleeps till 9am. So our nights aren't all that broken and I feel like I'm getting some sleep. I seem to think this took a LOT longer with Jack...

I do hope that Tom gets used to being in the car though because the long journeys we're going to be making to see family are going to be hellish if he doesn't. The furthest we've been is Nanas (my mum) once. And he cried all the way there and all the way back. Nana's is the closest! I am dreading the long drive over the hills to see my in-laws, and going to France to see my dad will be a nightmare! The only difference I can think of is that Jack used to sit in the front of the Micra when it was just him and me, or in the back with daddy if we all went out. So those first few months he had either mummy or daddy within reach if he got upset. The Mitsubishi has a passenger air bag so neither kiddie can go in the front, which means that Tom cannot have that reassurance. Jack tries to help by shoving Tom's dummy back in his mouth, but that's not enough for this wee lad. I will have to speak to the garage about turning the airbag off I think. Oh, and I'll have to put the child locks on the doors too as Jack was trying to open the door half way round the one way system in town today on the way back from our morning with Kathy & Katie...

I'll try to update a bit more often. It's not easy. Even now, while both kids are sleeping, I can see that Tom's nappy has leaked so I will have to wake him and change him. Especially since he is on his dad's shoulder now and that damp patch is getting bigger! Gonna wind up with a soggy daddy at this rate, which will mean more washing too.................


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