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Kiddie update!

I've not said much about the kids in  my last few posts, so I'm going to put that right!

Jack's started talking now, he's coming out with more and more every day. It's great! You can tell easily what things are the most important to him. Like food... he can say ham, cheese, fish fingers (sort of, fish is very clear), jam, biccy, sweetie, teddy-in-car (liquorish teddy bears are kept in the car) and loads more that he'll repeat when we ask him if he wants something and he does want it. He says "Hi mama" and "Hi Tom" and sometimes even "Hi daddy". He can say nana and pape, and is getting closer with grandma. We've got bye bye, ta ta, night night. Please and Ta. More juice please. So food, family and greeting are covered! He will also ask us to "press play please" when we put a DVD on. He can say DVD and the names of some of his favs. He even says "'scuze me" when he trumps! He'll ask us to "play please" accompanied by "Track" for his train track, "cars" or "trucks". I think he's trying to say "read" when he brings us books. He's saying "more" and "gain" for again. His yes and no are getting very clear too.

I'm really impressed, because I think this means that we can now get away with not sending him to a speech therapist. I really don't want to go down that road because we all know that he's only held off talking this long because he got away with it. Now that all his friends are talking, and he has competition for mummy and daddys attention in Tom he's making more of an effort. Just like I always said he would. Laziness coupled with us letting him get away with not talking, not a lack of ability. In 2 - 3 weeks when Tom has his next set of jabs the health visitor wants to arrange coming to visit Jack to assess his talking, so we're really making a double and tripled effort to get more words from him and to get him saying sentences.

Tom's coming on too. He's holding his weight really well when we stand him up, he can support his own back for ages and ages when you sit him up. He still needs holding on to so he wont topple over, but he's not due sit totally on his own for ages yet. When he gets some tummy time on the floor (only when Jack's out or in bed, or he'll et trampled on) he can wriggle backwards and can turn 45 - 90 degrees on his belly. He gets wound up though because he WANTS to go forward, but it's not happening yet! My baby book says he should be able to roll over by the time he's 4 months but we're no where near that yet. I'm not worried though. For one, he's not getting as much tummy time as he could on account of Jack still being kiddy and clumsy so he only gets to play on the floor when big brother's not in the room. And Jack only started to roll over when he was 6 months old so I think there's plenty of time yet. He does reach out and grab things and is trying to stuff his toys in his mouth. Anything that's already close to his face goes into his mouth. He chews his fist A LOT and I even saw him sucking his thumb once the other day. I think he's coming along just fine.

Something I wont be telling the health visitor is that he has already been sampling some first foods. Only 2 weeks early (about that same as we did with Jack, and he's perfectly fit and well) Poor baby Tom is starving all the time. And it's not because I'm not making enough milk, or poor quality milk, it's because he's a big hungry boy! He's been wearing 3-6 month clothes since he was 4 weeks old. This weekend at 3 1/2 months I've had to break out the 6-9 month clothes because he's gown out of most of the 3-6's. He's not fat, he's just big. And SO long! He's out grown his moses basket - that went away this last week. When I tried to put him in it for his naps his head and feet were touching the ends and made him uncomfortable and cry! It's been heart breaking at tea time. We always (unless we have take away pizza) sit to the table for our evening meal. I think it's a good habit to get the kids into early and means that we all sit together for a proper meal at least once every day. Tom usually sits on either mine or Mark's knee while we eat, and he watches us all eating. He's reaching for the food, watching the forks or spoons go into our mouths, and looking so longingly at it all, and looking so sad. Plus he's chewing like a demon. So I bought some rusks for him to bite on. He ate half a rusk, wasn't at all ill or suffering from belly ache, constipation, allergies, sickness or any of the other things you worry about. So I started to make him a small bowl of baby rice with breast milk to have when we have tea. Over a week he has progressed from 2fl oz of milk with 2 tsp of baby rice, to 2fl oz of milk with 4 tsp of rice, a whole rusk and 1/3 of a tiny jar of baby food (all mixed together). he's wolfed the lot, loved it, and only complained when it's run out! Today he also had half a rusk with his breakfast feed. He's still drinking as much milk as before so he's still getting all the natural goodness he needs from his "magic mummy milk"

I know the health visitor (who I do actually really like) will be unimpressed with this early weaning, so I'll not be telling her! Again, when Tom has his jabs we're supposed to be having the weaning talk.... So I think I'll be nodding and smiling through that one and NOT telling her we've already started!

Sadly, today both kiddies (and me) have been poorly. We went out with some friends on Thu and they've all had a nasty cold and cough. Yesterday - despite having had a full and energetic day with Grandma Kate, Dave and little Meggie - they both got upset and snotty a couple of hours after going to bed. So me and Mark were up and down all evening administering calpol and vix vaporub. I spent most of the night on the sofa with a sad and crying Tom, and Mark up stairs going into Jack every hour or so to blow his nose, clean his face and calm him down. None of us had much sleep over night. Both kids seem brighter tonight and are both in bed having had extra sleep in the day. I think Tom will be up in the night again because he's slept almost all day so I think I might be downstairs with him again most of the night, but I managed a kip in the afternoon while they were both asleep. The Sunday Roast didn't happen.... we had fish fingers instead and the roast will be done tomorrow! I was libel to either burn it, serve it raw, or simply fall asleep while cooking!

I've got some nice photos and vids of the kids. When I get a few more mins I'll post up a few (and some more of the crafting bit me and Mark have been doing)


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