Monday, October 25, 2010

Had a dream I won the lotto...

...which is unlikely as I don't play. But the rest of the dream was made up of me searching for the ideal car & house!

So today I thought I'd do just that. And maybe put a quid on!

I think this is the car we'll be needing for us, our 2 kids (plus 2 more one day) and the cat AND all our stuff: Transporter Shuttle. One day when we have 4 kids and we need one of these taxis they'll be 2nd hand & cheaper! About 5+ years time....

Houses! OOooo! Now I LOVE sites like Rightmove and dreaming of the house I might own one day. These are the sort of thing I dream of, but they'll take that lotto win or Mark getting a good job sharpish coz again in 5 years time we'll need to upsize! Can't get enough mortgage on my part time wage :0(
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