Friday, May 13, 2011

Tom's Teeth

Tom's Teeth
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Was it really only Sunday when I typed: "He is't showing any signs of cutting a single tooth yet either" ... Well. 2 days ago THESE turned up! 2 of them! Teeny Tiny Tom Teeth!

But he does not like showing them. Had to grab a snap when he was crying ( yes, mean mummy reached for the camera with one hand while holding sad baby in the other arm!)

We also have new "words" (as in, we know what he says but no one else does. Parents will understand, the rest will prob nod condescendingly) when he was given a balloon today he mimicked "booboom", and "iggigg" is our cat Fizgig!

He's crawling a bit more too...

And today he pulled himself up to standing all on his own! One hand on chair, the other dislocating my 4th toe, but up he got, and looked so chuffed with himself too :oD
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