Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

My boys are both sick, a bad cold or mild flu it seems. All high temps, shivers, snot, and coughs. Thought I'd try to cheer them up by getting the pumpkins out and carve them for Halloween.

And it was fun, but they had little interest in the actual carving (maybe they are still too little to enjoy getting all gungie in pumpkin innerds) but the liked the finished things.

Jack has a pair of ghosts on his, and Tom has a kitty-bat. Copied from templates that Mark got as part of a carving kit. I'm quite impressed!

Then Jack asked where his pumpkin-face was (like I normally do for them) so they both have a silly face carved into the other side of their pumpkins too!

They are both still poorly, but at least I got a few smiles out of them for a bit.

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