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Scan day!!!!!

And it went really really well! We wound up taking Jack with us.When I got him down to nursery this morning we were turned away because the boiler had broken down and they were below the minimum required temp! It is a bit bloomin cold though today. I had wrapped Jack up well enough to face a blizzard, haha.
So to make up for him missing nursery I asked if he would like to come to the hospital and see baby Smudge on the telly - just like in the book "There's a House Inside My Mummy" where the daddy tells the little boy that he has seen inside mummy's tummy at the new baby. Tom is still too young and there is no way Mark could cope with both at the same time so my mum looked after Tom and we went off to the RLI.
They are doing some training today so we go a super super long scan! And LOADS of pics too! My GD middy was getting trained up on the scan machine so I was more than fine with her "practicing" on me :o) I got extra photos for free too! 4 of the same to give out to grandparents, and a couple of others just for us! Pics 1 & 2 are ours, pic 3 is the one we are gifting.
Smudge is a little Monkey... would NOT keep still (maybe that 2nd coffee was a bad idea), both ladies has real trouble getting some of the measurements before Smudge was off and shuffling again. At one point baby actually grabbed hold of the cord and gave it a yank! Glad I can't feel stuff like that - it's sounds painful! Arms and legs were waving about like mad! We did get a nice look at Smudges face, and several beautiful views of that tiny beating heart.
But the hardest bit to see was the base of the spine. I'm still not sure if they got as good a look as they wanted. I'm hoping / guessing there's nothing wrong with Smudges spine. There is certainly no lack of movement! And I've not been told I have to come back for another look or anything.
As the scan went on I got a very clear view of what sex wee Smudge is. How Mark missed it is beyond me! Although he did admit after that he can't really tell what's what on these scans. I think they are pretty clear, or maybe that's just because I'm the mummy, who knows.
Anyway... I had said at the start that I wanted to know what baby was, but he didn't. Could they tell me at the end? And after a while once Mark had had a really good look and Jack was getting fed up of sitting nicely and quietly (which he did really well by the way) he went to get the cards for the photos and I got to ask the big question.
And baby Smudge is...... A secret! hahaaha! If you want to know highlight the text in these brackets ( boy number 3 ). BUT DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ON FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE until after we announce the birth!


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