Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Mount Park

Todays pics >>clicky<<

Today is the first day in AGES that I've felt well enough AND the weather has been good enough to take the boys out properly.... So we went to Happy Mount Park for the morning.

It's still out of season really so the Playland (cars n bikes bit) and the Splash Park are still closed, but the smaller playground, Adventure Land, and Pirates In The Park are still open... so we hit them all!

The kids had a great time and were shattered at the end. I stopped off at McDonalds on the way home but they were sound asleep so I picked up a drive thru happy meal each for them and they had them at home (cold, yuk) after a well earned nap.

They are having some quiet play time on the Wii now while I have a rest and think about what to do for tea. Bliss......

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