Sunday, April 22, 2012

First "weigh in" post baby

Got to love post-baby loss!

I have not exactly been strict with my WW these last few days. We're still getting loads of visitors to meet George so it's meals out and cake and so on, but I have still lost 10lb!  I know its more to do with me having just had him than anything else, but seeing that drop on the scales has given me a boost that I needed.

I am making good milk though. Little George is already almost back to his birth weight and the midwives are happy with his progress so I'm clearly doing ok :o)

My dad is over for the rest of the month so that will hinder my healthy eating for a bit but I'm sure I'll cope.

Sorry to just post-n-dash but I have to get me n the kiddies ready to go out for lunch and meet some more relatives (my Aunt Ellen in this case, who hasn't met any of my lads till now), busy busy busy!!
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