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George at 1 month old

He's fab! Love him love him love him! He gets weighed again on Monday, but last time he was already almost 11lb, and you can almost SEE him grow. He loves his mummy-milk, a bit too much if anything. Like Jack did at this age George feeds for more than his fill n then brings a load back (he did that about 20 mins ago, all in my bed, grr) but he's clearly getting what he needs - tubbster!

Jack & Tom adore him and I'm having to fight them off from loving him too much. Tom's not really gentle enough, and Jack wants to cuddle him till he pops! It's better than being jealous though. All I hear all day from them is "Ahhh, baby Smudge!" as they go in for a hug with him. Jack wants to show him all his best things, and loves to show George off to his friends. So sweet!


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