Saturday, June 02, 2012

Tom's 2nd Birthday

Photos of Tom's Birthday:

Awwww! My 2nd Baby is 2 today!

He's had a lovely day. He got loads of Playmobil and colouring stuff - which is what he is into at the moment - and has played with everything!

We'd promised him a trip to the Pirates In The Park at Happy Mount, but when we got there it was shut. Two very sad little boys. I suggested to Mark that we take them down Morecambe Prom and give them a couple of quid each to play on the Penny Falls with but we managed one better when we wound up at Johnny's Fun Factory and let them go nuts in there for a couple of hours! Tom decided he was a "big boy" and followed Jack up to the "no under 4s" level! But he coped well enough with it :o)

Happy Birthday Squeak!


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