Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Smashing day

Jack has his school trip to see Treasure Island at the theater today and he loved it. He even came away with some pirate treasure (a choc coin). Meanwhile, I took Tom (and Georgie) to the nursery that Tom will be starting in the New Year for one of his settling-in sessions. It went really well. He's already made friends with a lovely little boy (the kind of kid I would choose for him if I could) and seems perfectly happy there.

I also took T & G shopping and out for lunch. They behaved perfectly, G had his first ever sandwich, and strangers were going gooey over T cuddling G and says "I love you soooo much Georgie!"

And when we went to collect J the school photos were (finally) ready! Chuffed to bits! Hopefully, with pizza for tea, the good feelings will continue to the boys bedtime and beyond!

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